remember, the choice is ours.  each of us individually have the power to choose to buy the reality that is being sold by the media, governments, corporations, etc, or to use that power to create the reality we truly desire to see.  now is the time for us to collectively choose to envision a new earth filled with peace, love, health, and abundance for all.. one where all of humanity lives in harmony with each other and the planet.  with the collective power of our light, we can easily overcome all of the darkness.  do not allow yourself to be programmed by the manipulative tactics of the negative forces that have been in power.  this is their last stand.  their game ends as we collectively come together in meditating, visualizing, and creating a new way of living.  let this be the end of the old story, and the beginning of a very beautiful new volume in the history of the human experience.  step out of your mind and into your heart, and feel the new truth emerging from within.

#meditate #feel #visualize #heart #love #earth #light #sunset #sky #dusk #nature #brilliant #vibrant #colors .. it’s funny that as i typed up most of the message above i was thinking that i didn’t take any photos today (as it was raining and gray all day) and thought i would need to wait until tomorrow to post the writing with a photo.. and then just minutes later i started to notice a little hint of color out the window, and was greeted with some brilliant colors (which i couldn’t capture entirely from where i was) when i decided to go have a look.