it is time for all of us to let go of any tribalism.  while one may be interested in a particular group (and some may be really helpful in what they do), separation can easily occur through a group mentality.  the more attached one is to any particular viewpoint or group, the more prone one is to see or judge another as wrong (and the more prone one is to be manipulated by dogma, indoctrination, propaganda, or programming that can easily be introduced via the influential mechanism of the group). most people can easily see some of the division caused by people being for (or against) a certain political party, religion, sports team, nation, company, leader, technological preference, way of life, or any other sort of large group or thing that compartmentalizes people.

while one benefit that some may feel by partaking in something with like-minded people is a sense of inclusiveness, we can all easily feel this same sense of belonging through our humanity alone.  as we take our energy back from any divisive group thinking (or limited viewpoints), we can use our energy (that was previously being used to judge outsiders as wrong) to connect more openly with others.  these heartfelt connections will be much more impactful in one's life than any limited belief can give.  and if one wants to grow and ascend on a spiritual path, one must learn to embrace all viewpoints as part of the greater whole.

it is only through our individual sovereignty that we can truly gather together as one in our collective humanity.

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