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i am currently looking for land where i can park a tiny home, trailer, rv, van, bus, etc. i’m looking for a quiet, safe, peaceful, natural place where i can live either seasonally or all year round, somewhere in florida (preferably in north pinellas or west hillsborough county). when i’m back to traveling up north (or west) in the summer, the land will serve more as a home base for the winter months. i’m also looking for land to start an eco-conscious or tiny house community where a few of us could live and grow non-gmo organic food, and i know other spiritual beings in this part of florida (and elsewhere) whom are also looking for this and would be willing to help in its creation (though we currently need the funding to purchase land). if you have land to gift to me or the community (or that i could park on for a while (for free or a low monthly fee) until i have another spot or am on the road full time), please reach out and contact me.

thank you for helping me continue to do what i do. may the universe return all of your donations and much more back to you in new, unexpected ways.

much gratitude & many blessings!