#light #sky #colors #glow #radiant #sunset #goldenhour #magical #surreal #dusk #clouds #rain #storm #rainbow #raining #nature #water #pond #lake #beauty #love #earth #dream #peace #vibrant #fountain #trees #brilliant .. this was the best light i’ve seen on a #bikeride in quite a while. my iphone se (original, four year old model) couldn’t quite capture all the beauty nor the surreal feeling & experience of being surrounded by such magical light. i would gladly welcome donations or a gift of the iphone 11 with ultra-wide angle lens so i have more photographic capability in my pocket wherever i go. i may have to start carrying my 360 degree camera with me to capture the beautiful #florida summer skies.

feeling the cool air as i stepped outside, being surrounded by a magical glow of brilliant colors as rain drizzled from the sky and off the wet trees (and moments later seeing a hint of mist or fog near other trees in the distance), and being almost completely by myself with no one else on the path/sidewalk the whole way to the park (and barely any cars driving by), it felt like i was in a dream. its beautiful how nature can so perfectly express itself in the combination of all of these aspects as the storm quickly passed just in time for an amazing golden hour. although its been over a decade since i visited hawaii, the tropical feeling reminded me a bit of being out there exploring a couple of the islands.
#storm #clouds #rainbow #trees #golfcourse
a #rainbow appeared while picking my instagram photos #clouds #storm #sky #mayfair
four years ago today [2012.11.09]

after waking up in a parking lot, i got on the interstate and headed towards taos.  i was excited to go check out the earthships there.  i had first seen one in a book a number of years ago, shortly after i had moved to chicago i believe.  i had a bit of a drive ahead of me as i was still west of albuquerque.

i stopped at the rio grande gorge bridge just a little west of the earthship visitor center.  there was a nice, unique feeling in the air.. perhaps it was due to being a pretty high elevation, near 7000 ft above sea level, or it was just the energy of the surrounding land.  i went to the earthship visitor center and explored for a little while.  the girl there was nice and offered to show me one of the smaller simple survival models had i been staying around, though i had to get on the road.  had i known i didn't have to go up to chicago until later, i would've been able to take my time on the journey back to florida.  it would've been nice to check out the other earthship and connect with the girl who worked there.  this is another time on the trip where needing to stick to a rigid plan prevented me from being spontaneous and making a new friend.

after leaving, i headed north and saw a couple of rainbows to the east before crossing the colorado border.  i was on my way over to the great sand dunes national park and preserve.. i never knew there were sand dunes in colorado until i found it on the map when i was looking for places to explore in the state.  there was an interesting, unique feeling to colorado.  perhaps it was the high elevation and the low angle of the sun.. i recall the light appearing quite unlike anything else i had seen (perhaps it was that it'd been a long time since i'd been up north in the winter, and this rapid change in light over just a couple days appeared more drastic).

i got to the park where i explored a little bit, got some photos of the dunes and clouds, and saw another rainbow as i was leaving.  i was going to meet a friend who was living in the middle of the state though he ended up being unavailable, so i headed east to continue the journey to florida.
#rainbow #clouds #road #driving