#selective focus


after a very long and very uncomfortable drive we made it to spartanburg in time to see my old friend ryan and his wife erin for dinner.. i am very grateful they let us stay at their place overnight! neither the driver or passenger seat were comfortable with so much stuff crammed in the car! you can’t tell from the exterior photos (besides the rear wheel being up in the wheel well) though the front seats had to be pushed up somewhat and every square inch behind the seats was jammed full of stuff (as was the trunk), and a lot of stuff was in the passenger’s foot/leg area so sitting was consisted of staying in the same position the entire time.. sleeping was really out of the question with the uncomfort level! at least we’re half way to florida! driving with the seat so far up was difficult, even with cruise control, i felt like a sardine! :) my legs were crammed and there could have even been a couple small things on the floor too (can’t remember).. i thought i did a great job giving away most of personal belongings before the move, though i still have more to purge!


Went on a bike ride earlier today.. here are some shots from the Illinois Prairie Path.. what a beautiful day today was in Chicagoland! As soon as I woke up, I could feel a great warm energy all around.. what a turn around from the past couple days that were cold and gray! Everything looked and felt so alive today!

making a pit stop for breakfast at the corner bakery cafe a few blocks away at lake & lasalle before the crowds show up in the loop for morning rush hour.. running a little late as we had a bit of an issue getting into the car and had to make a stop at the salvation army where nicole made me part with the candle holder sculpture i made (amongst a few other things) so we’d have a tiny bit more room to squeeze into the front seats..