i went to the introduction to Michael & Suzanne’s new course at the Flowering Heart Center this evening. they shared the flowering heart eye blessing at the end and it was pretty powerful. in the beginning, for a little bit, i saw connection, or oneness, and saw a bit of a white haze or light in the room. it felt like the more i tuned into the light the more i could feel the oneness (and see the divine). i had a vivid experience of seeing others as parts of myself nearly a decade ago (and have had glimpses of this since then). its beautiful to experience a bit of it again. it felt like the divine was coming through during the meditation/blessing and i was able to perceive this during part of the process. i could also see where i had resistance coming up and how it blocked the experience of oneness. i could also see the relation between the eye blessing and some of the Avatar feel-it processes. it seems this connection or oneness between us can simply be experienced by extended ‘feeling’ of the other, or opening/extending one’s heart to the other by looking at the other (and gazing into the other’s eyes in the case of the eye blessing experience). it makes sense how the direction of one’s attention is part of the process, and how the blessing is powerful when the eye blessing giver is connecting back with you. [i wanted to write more.. the insights were more powerful and profound when i felt them earlier on my way home, and have lost the exact words or feeling now after showering and getting to the computer.] one of the most powerful, beneficial, healing, and profound things one can do in one’s life is to heal whatever blocks there are to fully feeling and being present. life is so much more beautiful when we are fully present and connected with others and the world around us. there are so many distractions in the world that prevent us from seeing and experiencing this connection. on a mental and physical level, eliminating distractions is helpful. on an emotional or mental level, feeling and healing whatever resistances, charges, and subconscious programming one has is very helpful. the only thing blocking us from fully experiencing life, god, oneness, enlightenment, etc is our own self. as we heal ourself, the beautiful light and revelation will pour through in our self-realization. we’ve been creating this experience all along. we can heal it and change it if we choose to. i would highly recommend the new course at the Flowering Heart Center, the Avatar Course, or any other experiential workshop/process that takes one into and through one’s charges, resistances, etc. it was good to hear Michael speak about how our intention can direct us through different dimensions, planes, or aspects of this reality, and to mention the upper chakras and their relationship to the planes/dimensions/lokas. i’ve experienced or have had feelings of this in the past, and it was great to hear all of the topics he condensed down into the introduction tonight. he had said it all in the past (and i’ve had other understandings related to it), though it was great to hear it all again in a new light. it was also great how he mentioned that sometimes one has to just hear the message from a different person even if someone has been saying it to them over and over. it’s funny how reality can work like that. there were other great insights too related to my own journey or perspectives, like how he spoke of reality being a spherical projection around the projector in the middle, which reminded me of the 360×180 degree little planet images i create [i recall discovering this look/technique only after i had grown to better understand consciousness/life/reality.. although it was only a mental concept at the time, i was on the way to soon understand it more deeply, experientially]. it was also great to hear Michael mention (again, recently) that the faster one goes the slower time goes (until it stops when one is going at the speed of light).. i recall, long before knowing anything conceptually about the spiritual path, feeling something related to this.. needing to go faster to change the perception of time or reality (and did have profound experiences where minutes seemed like hours). i know we don’t need an external teacher (as mentioned again tonight), though it’s good to see others teaching and perceiving similarly to what i have known or understood.. it helps to clarify what i’ve experienced into words i can share with others and to know i’m guiding them in a helpful manner [to know that the experience or understanding was real/spiritual and i’m not just imagining it or sharing misinformation… though what can actually be defined as real is a topic for another discussion/ramble]. [there was another insight i wanted to explore, related to the inner lokas, flowering heart path, and source within, compared/related to the planes of existence surrounding us in the external world, though will need to do that at another time as i’m getting tired and sleep would be good before waking for the course in the morning.]

some shorter thoughts/insights:

we are all one. it’s all a matter of our perception whether we see this or not. we can understand this with the mind first, though it’s not until we actually live it, through the experience of it, that we will truly understand.

let go of all that no longer serves you, at whatever level or place it exists. these attachments or resistances are what are holding us back from fully experiencing this (or any) reality.

it may be difficult to imagine what one might be missing through one’s own misperception, though once one knows, one will wonder how one could have possibly lived without knowing (yet the past won’t matter any longer, nor will the future, for the present moment itself will be profound and beautiful).

this world is only as real as we make it to be. only when we learn to break free of ‘the matrix’ can we really understand.

we only perceive the world through our own understanding of it. to perceive more clearly, we must unlearn and let go, rather than seek to gain some new insight or understanding.

[i woke up early this morning and was unable to get back to sleep, likely processing and feeling whatever was arising (and resisting not being able to fall back asleep).. as daylight would be breaking soon, i got out of bed, and attempted to write and explore some of the insights that had come to me earlier in the morning.. some inspired by the beautiful one tribe potluck/gathering/satsang last night (and some more random). thank you everyone for being there and for the experience/conversation!]

there is often the desire to capture our experiences. however, the most profound experiences are ones that we surrender to.

rather than chase the desire to capture the experience, learn to surrender to the experience.

the most beautiful moments cannot be described with words nor captured with images or sound. only in the experience of feeling life and being fully present to the moment can we truly live.

none of this really matters, yet it all matters. we chose it at some level when we created this game of life. embrace it all, without attachment.

we gain more by letting go rather than by acquiring. whether this be knowledge, experiences, physical possessions, or anything else in the physical or mental world, learn to surrender the need to have any of it. by letting go of this attachment, we can live more fully in the present moment and experience all the beauty that surrounds us at all times regardless of the circumstances.

each day look at some aspect of yourself that you no longer need and let it go. by dissolving the layers of the self, we grow closer to who we truly are. rather than identify with this body/mind image, we discover more deeply who we really are.

everything in this world and beyond is created, and nothing that is created is real nor who we really are.

who we are is beyond anything that exists at any level in the physical, mental, or spiritual worlds.

we are nothing yet we are everything simultaneously.

as long as we are here in this existence, let’s collectively choose to make it as beautiful as possible. while, from a higher level, none of it is real, we can choose to create a beautiful, loving, harmonious world.

remember to always choose love. while this may be difficult upon seeing things in the world that appear to be wrong, remember that by choosing this higher vibration of love, we can help elevate and transform anything that is not love. [and upon doing so, we may just discover that love was always there, even in the aspects of life where it appeared it was not]

while words may help point the way, they are never a substitute for direct knowing and experience.

god, the universe, self-realization, enlightenment, oneness, unconditional love, and any higher truth one may seek can only be known through the direct experience thereof. while many others may write, speak, or share their perspectives and experiences of truth, any viewpoint outside of the actual direct knowledge can merely point the way.

remember, that most often, the things and experiences we seek in the world are merely distractions to what actually matters.

remember that your story does not matter. while it may be fun, entertaining, or even inspirational to create and experience your character in life through a certain way, remember not to get too lost in the story, for doing so can lead you astray from whom you truly are as the creator of the story. [this is what all the messages about letting go are really about.. remember to peel back the layers of the onion and let go of the masks you may still be wearing. while these identities may serve you in certain moments, wearing them too long will become a hinderance.]

learn to remove the filters you have that may be blocking your light.

like in poetry, writing, or any other verbal expression, words can only ever be metaphors of truth.

even if others do not understand or are nowhere close to understanding, continue to share nuggets of truth. one day, even if after hearing the same truth many times, the other will understand what it was all about.

the greatest experience is realization.

life can be heaven or hell. it’s up to you.

do not seek to emulate others. while it may be inspirational to see what others have done (or you may be able to gain some insights or little aspects related to your own journey), remember to follow your own heart. this is your awakening.

while the destination may be the same for all of us, each of our own individual journeys is unique.

sometimes one may choose to awaken then fall back asleep only to awaken and then fall back asleep again in a different manner. while, according to some, this seems to be how this experience occurs lifetime after lifetime, one might choose to do this over and over within a single lifetime simply for the experience of doing so (and to better understand what others may be going through, and to be able to suggest multiple paths to others).

the mind wants to understand, though to truly know is beyond words, through the experience.


God has no preferences. God appreciates everyone and everything, for God is everyone and everything.

love is about letting go of any one single fixed viewpoint, and connecting with (opening one’s heart to) the other’s perspective.

technically, i purchased my first electric car 5 months + 1 day + some hours ago, though i didn’t drive it for 30 days straight due to a health issue, so have titled this approximately 1/3 year (or 4 months) worth of driving. the large majority of what you see on the map was actually done within the first 3 months worth of driving.. only a few ‘lines’ on the map were added in the most recent month of driving (in just 6 long drives), most noticeably, the northeastern-most route, the southwestern-most route, and some lines in the new tampa / wesley chapel area.

my electrical “fuel” cost has averaged 2.5 cents per mile the whole time i’ve had the car. i’ve been able to go almost everywhere just charging at home (on a standard 120v outlet slow charger). i have used free 240v public chargers a few times, though, other than the couple trips furthest south, i would’ve been able to make it home without charging had i let the charge % go a bit lower (and if i hadn’t combined a couple routes into the same day’s drive or taken the very long out-of-the-way route home).

i’m glad i got a fiat 500e (that had very low miles on it and was practically new). had i gotten a bmw i3 (without the range extender), it wouldn’t have been able to make it as far without stopping to charge (since it doesn’t let you use the full capacity of the battery). had i gotten a nissan leaf, the battery probably would’ve already had some degradation (as it has no thermal management / liquid cooling and this is a common issue), and i wouldn’t have been able to go as far either. also a lot of the used i3 and leaf models that i looked were not in as good condition and had odors of smoke.

i look forward to the upcoming release of electric vans and trucks to be able to easily travel the entire country without a drop of gas or oil. just the other day i learned about someone taking an electric stepvan with a huge solar array on the roof from the arctic circle to the bottom of argentina all on renewable energy.. it’s not an ideal setup (with limited range per charge), but still inspiring to see it being done. i would totally consider converting an electric stepvan into a camper or tiny home and traveling around the country in it. even without solar panels, it could be taken many places with current charging networks.

electrical vehicles have less environmental impact, lower long term costs (from lower maintenance and fuel costs), and better performance than vehicles with gas or diesel engines. some used EV’s can be found at really low prices too (i bought mine for around 1/3 of the new sticker price, and it still had a hint of new car smell to it). if you want to talk to others about their EV experiences, “national drive electric drive week” is about a week away and there are hundreds of local meet-up events throughout the country.

besides the lower environmental impact, the effect on human health will be much lower too. imagine how nice the world will be, especially in dense urban and sub-urban areas, when one can walk or sit outside without breathing in exhaust or pollution from vehicles driving by (especially from vehicles with a dirty diesel engine or vehicles that are old or not in good running condition). it’ll also be really nice not to hear loud internal combustion engines as cars pass by, especially ones that sound like they’re about to fall apart and make so much noise to barely move. hearing engines echoing loudly in the distance will become a thing of the past. some people with ego issues may think louder is better (or feel the urge to annoy others with loud noise), though once one experiences how effortlessly, quietly, smoothly, and quickly electric vehicles can accelerate, there will be no question how much better performance is in electrical vehicles. just imagine being a truck driver and how much nicer (and healthier) the experience will be.. headaches from the noise and vibration all day will no longer be an issue.