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Hope is the doorway to belief, belief is the doorway to knowing, knowing is the doorway to creation, and creation is the doorway to experience.

Experience is the doorway to expression, expression is the doorway to becoming, becoming is the activity of all Life and the only function of God.

What you hope, you will eventually believe, what you believe you, will eventually know, what you know, you will eventually create, what you create, you will eventually experience, what you experience, you will eventually express, what you express, you will eventually become. This is the formula for all of life.

It is as simple as that.

- Neale Donald Walsch, Home with God: In a Life That Never Ends

recently i decided to sell my condo as they weren’t going to let me park my van there and i’d much prefer to have my own land with a new home. just a few days after listing it, i got an offer under contract though the buyer ended up canceling as their job transfer was offering a bit less than they wanted. i don’t recall exactly all the interests and potential offers, though i just wanted to be done with it especially as i heard the market may crash in the near future. i asked the divine for it to be closed before the phenomenon and gift course on 9/9. in early august i got an offer with a closing date of 9/8. a few days before closing, i found out that the p&g course in fort lauderdale was being canceled because of the category 5 hurricane en route. i didn’t follow all the details of the storm and did my best to avoid the media and the fear it spreads. the storm wouldn’t reach the west coast (if it went that way) until after closing that friday. as the title company and buyer’s lender were preparing the paperwork for closing, i saw an email from the buyer’s agent on thursday suggesting waiting until after the storm passes. i wasn’t exactly happy and left a message for the title agent and my realtor saying i do not agree with waiting until after the storm. my realtor, also a oneness trainer, reminded me to stop worrying and trust my divine. on friday morning they were still working on getting the documents from the buyer’s recent home sale out of state, though they weren’t able to get them in time as the title company was closing early that day so the closing was postponed until tuesday after the storm. i was a little concerned but overall stayed calm with faith that it’d all work out. at one point, i had seen projected paths of the storm going right up the west coast of florida, though i didn’t let it bother me too much as it was still a ways away. michael from the flowering heart center in clearwater had sent out a forward he received with a concordance to dissipate the storm. i did some of what it said briefly and also sent good energy, intentions, etc to the condo and the whole surrounding area. i spent that saturday helping frank and kristin from the flowering heart center in downers grove set up their booth at theosofest and was giving deeksha all day to those who stopped by. it felt good to let the energy flow through me during the day and i wasn’t really thinking about the storm. sunday i went to a park or forest preserve that i had never been to and spent most of the day there. i think sunday evening the mind did start to think of different scenarios and what i would do, though besides that i remained calm and trusted it’d all work out. i heard from my mom on monday that my folks had gone to the condo after the storm left and it was fine. out of curiosity, i tried to search online for the actual path the storm took and was only seeing the projected paths. i called a friend down there and he told me that it was on the west coast of florida down by naples though turned inland and went through lakeland. the wind speeds seem to have slowed down quicker than forecast as it was only a category 2 or maybe less when it was passing through there. besides some loss of power and downed trees, it seems to have caused minimal damage to tampa bay from what i’ve heard. it’s a miracle that it didn’t go directly through tampa bay and that no damage occurred at my condo. i’m grateful for closing happening last week and for being able to relax, surrender, and trust that the divine had everything in order for it to work out. it does feel like it was a simple surrender.. i was a little upset before when i was trying to get them to still close on friday, though when it wasn’t happening, there was nothing else i could do (as far as in the physical world of taking action) so i sent/set some good energy/intention/prayers and let go. in the past i’d be worried or anxious the whole time, and this time i was able to be calm and not let something i couldn’t control take over me. i accepted that even if the condo were damaged or destroyed by the storm, that things would still work out and i’d still move forward in some way. perhaps being detached from outcome/control helped it all unfold how it did. i suppose i’m technically homeless now and i ended up having to pay more than i was told or expected for closing costs, though i’m glad to move forward into a new chapter. i don’t know exactly where i’ll live or end up, though i look forward to the journey and to having my own land somewhere peaceful, quiet, beautiful, natural, and sacred to live in the not-so-distant future.

another miracle is that i’ve noticed recently as i’ve been growing and letting go in other ways, it’s been easier for me to connect with others. i’m grateful for making new friends at the flowering heart center in downers grove. it’s also really great that others are also interested in creating a sustainable community with tiny or alternate homes. this is a vision i’ve had for a long time and it feels like the pieces are coming together now. it’ll be really beautiful to have land where some of the community can have their own homes if they choose to, and where we can gather together daily if we like.

in addition to connection with others, i’ve been asking the divine for abundance, and recently a friend called me and asked me about an investment he suggested a few months ago. i had totally forgot about doing it as i got caught up in working on the van and trying to get out of florida in the summer. after speaking with him again, i’m realizing how much great potential this really has and am grateful for being able to do it now. i was a little concerned about what i’d do after selling the condo as i could put the proceeds towards land or a tiny home but not both, and the van is really too small for full time living. now with this opportunity i’ll see great returns and be able to get land and build a nice home. i previously had no idea how it’d work out and now the divine has presented me with the way i hadn’t thought of. sometimes we really do just need to let go and surrender in order to allow the divine to unfold miracles and beautiful unexpected experiences for us. i’m grateful for all the blessings i’ve received and continue to receive. and i’m grateful for the divine continuing to flow through me. despite some of the challenges and obstacles we may face at times, life can truly be beautiful and amazing and miraculous. it feels like part of stepping into this new golden age will be stepping into the age of miracles and grace.

it’s nice that the last couple years when i’ve gone up to chicagoland in november, that i’ve felt like seeing snow and have had the first snow of the season show up during the week or so i’ve been in town. as you can see in the video, the morning commute in and evening commute out of the city weren’t exactly the most pleasant. it’s hard to fathom why so many people put themselves through that every single day, especially with the long winters up there. i was a bit upset that my friend didn’t pay me for the time i was up there evaluating a new business opportunity for him (and he never got me any work out of it), though i’m grateful i don’t have to be dealing with that sort of traffic on an everyday basis. i enjoy the long commute i have from one bedroom to the other :) i’m also grateful that i got invited to multiple thanksgiving dinners while i was in town. it was really nice to spend time with different friends while i was in town in the cold winter.

this morning i woke up early and was laying in bed for a while here at the hotel. my friend had mentioned going to go get breakfast one of these mornings and i was waiting to see if he’d call. i tried calling him after a while to plan out when i could go to his house to do laundry as i’m just about out of clean clothes. i was getting an error message while trying to leave a voicemail so figured i’d talk to him later about it. i went downstairs to get oatmeal for breakfast and came back to my room. i was sitting here for a little while not feeling like going to the office just yet as i was there pretty much all day yesterday. i also wanted to hear back from my frined to plan out my day and when i could do laundry at his house. i laid back down in bed thinking maybe i’d listen to an audio program for a little while as i didn’t feel like going to the office just yet. i think i pulled up the weather app on my phone to see how warm it’d be today and in less than a minute, my friend called. he asked if i wanted to go with him today to get out of the office. when i was about to lay back down in bed or as i did (and was feeling like i was at the office all day and not wanting to go), it felt like maybe i was somehow telepathically talking to a part of him, and that part of him picked up on it. i don’t know that he was aware of it at all.. probably the divine just guided him to call me to see if i wanted to go on the road with him today. or he just felt like it. it feels like this is how a lot of this works. we are all guided by our feelings, intuition, etc. it’s how we communicate with the divine and how the divine communicates with us. and when i woke up today i was wondering if i would have a little miracle to share today or not! i wasn’t feeling one at that point though one came to me shortly after. pondering back on a couple of things that happened yesterday, i could see them as miracles too! miracles are everywhere. the divine is everywhere. all we have to do is simply be open to seeing and experiencing it.

everything begins to work out quite smoothly when you begin to look for miracles in life. my friend had told me to be ready soon though i said i needed a little more time and he said to be ready by 10. when i started typing this after getting out of the shower, it was a little before 10 and i got a text message from him at 10 saying he’d be there in 5 minutes. i finished typing the first paragraph and wanted to use the bathroom before leaving though wasn’t sure if i’d have enough time. i went anyway, and just as i was walking out of the hotel, he was pulling up, right about 10:10. it all worked out perfectly. i had wanted to type up the miracle of what had happened and was able to type up the first part this morning before being in the truck with him (where i didn’t have a chance to). also, i had forgotten to charge my camera last night (as i’ve been shooting short clips for a time-lapse project while up here), and i remembered to plug it in this morning. i didn’t know if it had gotten much of a charge in the short time this morning, though i grabbed it anyway and when i turned it on, it was showing full power.

another recent little miracle was that wednesday night when we were sharing miracles, i felt a little nervous or something, though afterwards i was thanked for sharing or told that my message was inspiring or helpful (and more than once). and when i mentioned how i was feeling, they said it came across well without any signs of what i was feeling.

the energy was really powerful last night at the Flowering Heart Center in Downers Grove, especially in the beginning after the chanting or first meditation. i could feel the energy, and felt like i could almost see it, just before and when we were all saying our names and intentions. it was also very beautiful to feel the unconditional love flowing through others when we hugged. the divine presence and energy keeps increasing as we collectively awaken and experience our hearts flowering. part of a mini miracle for me was that i was able to more naturally connect with others, and i started to let go a little when i found myself going downstairs to join the dancing afterwards.

another miracle was that on the way to the Flowering Heart Center i was trying to remember a miracle that had come to me earlier in the day but couldn’t quite remember exactly what it was. i tried to surrender and feel that the divine would remind me or speak through me. as i arrived and was walking up towards the door to go inside, i remembered that i had a USB stick with some files for Kristin that i needed to give her. i realized this was a miracle as earlier in the day before going to my friend’s, i was thinking about leaving my computer in the hotel as i didn’t think i would be using it for the rest of the afternoon. something told me to take it and i did, and i ended up having the USB stick with it so i could bring it to Kristin. i had put a reminder on my phone calendar to bring it but i didn’t even see or hear it go off. the divine was my reminder, gently guiding me through subtle feelings and intuition.

There's more to life than making it go faster.

- Wayne Dyer paraphrasing Gandhi
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As it is, we are merely bolting our lives—gulping down undigested experiences as fast as we can stuff them in—because awareness of our own existence is so superficial and so narrow that nothing seems to us more boring than simple being. If I ask you what you did, saw, heard, smelled, touched and tasted yesterday, I am likely to get nothing more than the thin, sketchy outline of the few things that you noticed, and of those only what you thought worth remembering. Is it surprising that an existence so experienced seems so empty and bare that its hunger for an infinite future is insatiable? But suppose you could answer, “It would take me forever to tell you, and I am much too interested in what’s happening now.” How is it possible that a being with such sensitive jewels as the eyes, such enchanted musical instruments as the ears, and such a fabulous arabesque of nerves as the brain can experience itself as anything less than a god? And, when you consider that this incalculably subtle organism is inseparable from the still more marvelous patterns of its environment—from the minutest electrical designs to the whole company of the galaxies—how is it conceivable that this incarnation of all eternity can be bored with being?

- Alan Watts
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and not that one was better than other.. merely different, unique. all of it was beautiful. it is beautiful. when you decide to experience it. did i stop experiencing it as I awoke from the dream to what I deemed to be reality? or did I switch realities? is all of it real, at some level? how do we define it? how do we tell? it seems that i have control of what is happening or what i think i […]

If we look at the path, we do not see the sky. We are earth people on a spiritual journey to the stars. Our quest, our earth walk, is to look within, to know who we are, to see that we are connected to all things, that there is no separation, only in the mind.

- Native American, source unknown [Sedona: The Spirit of Wonder]

when you (decide to) feel good, everything just looks good. [even ordinary things]

relax and enjoy the perception [naturally]

embrace the ever-changing/unfolding moment [before you]

[see things in a new light]

allow the brilliance of life to shine through

[it radiates, everywhere]

be the beacon of light/life

[feel life]

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.

- e.e. cummings
i met a couple old friends at the arboretum this past saturday.  when i was surrounded by nature waiting for them that morning, i remembered why i got the van.  having a tiny home with me whenever i go exploring, especially to beautiful places, is certainly nice.  it may be small, though being able to go on more adventures and longer journeys is pretty awesome.  i've been so busy lately that i've barely taken it out wandering to new places.  sometimes you just gotta get up and go regardless of whether everything is ready or not.

after my friends left, i took a nap in the van and spent the rest of the afternoon in the arboretum.  it was great to have a comfy bed with me rather than having to drive to one when i was tired.  near the end of the day, it started raining and i got to experience how nice it was to be inside the van and simply be able to hop into the driver's seat without having to run around outside and get wet (like i would've had to do when in my truck camper).

i spent the night in the parking lot at my friend's office, which wasn't too exciting but a place nearby i could stay undisturbed.  sunday morning i decided to go back to the arboretum and spent the whole day there, again until when it closed at dusk.  i drove to a quiet spot that was the furthest from the nearby highways and spent a lot of the day in the van with all the doors open, letting a breeze pass through most of the time.  it was nice to experience having a tiny home in the middle of nature.  i look forward to when i have my own land and a larger tiny home in nature for when i'm not traveling.

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everyday miracles

today the hotel i’m staying at is going to be shutting down the water at 9am to install new plumbing equipment. they were going to be doing this tuesday after 10am, though they must’ve not gotten to it. today i was supposed to check out and didn’t know if i was going to be going to another hotel, my friend’s, or staying here again. i was wondering a bit if i was going to have to rush or have to ask them to delay shutting down the water until i could check out, move rooms, etc, etc. yesterday i talked to my friend and he said he’d get another couple nights for me here since they’re still getting settled down in the new house, and he booked another reservation last night. i went to sleep shortly after getting back from the deeksha circle last night and didn’t really worry much about needing to be up in time to be able to shower in the morning. (some of the past week here i’ve been getting in the shower after 9 or at least once not be all ready to leave until 10:30) this morning i woke up with enough time to go downstairs, get breakfast, inquire about the new reservation, shower, get ready, etc and was done by around 8:40 when i started writing this. i went back down to the registration desk on my way out of the hotel to show my id and sign the new paper and i was able to stay in the same room without moving all my stuff. the first night when i got here a week ago, the hotel room was smaller than the one i had originally been shown in the afternoon. i called the front desk and they didn’t have any other rooms available though were able to move me the the larger room in the morning. the room smelled like smoke and i called the front desk and they showed me two of the other larger rooms, one which smelled fresh that i ended up picking.

after typing all this and something else, i noticed it was a few minutes after 9 though figured the water might still be on. i was able to use the bathroom at the hotel rather than wait until i went to my friend’s office, even though they said it’d be shut off by 9.

yesterday i had written about a miracle in getting one of the raspberry pi micro-computers working at my friend’s office. i remembered that the day before i had another miracle in upgrading the hard drive on one of the imac’s here at the office. i had upgraded the first computer last week and it went well, which was a miracle, and this one went a little more smoothly essentially repeating the whole process. after i had put it back together and was booting up into the recovery mode to restore the operating system software, i put all of the tools, anti-static mat, band, etc. away figuring it was done. when it got into the recovery mode, i don’t remember what happened, perhaps i hit a key or something at some point before it actually began the installation process, the screen went blank and showed an error icon, either the blinking question mark in the folder or drive or something.. i really didn’t want to have to take the whole thing apart just to get to the hard disk. i turned it off and back on again, hit the key sequence to go into the recovery mode and waited. it got to the menu and i was able to format the drive and install the OS and then easily restore all of the data and application files from the backup. another simple miracle in how it didn’t make sense or didn’t look like it was going to work and then it did. being able to restore the data and application files and encrypt the drive was a bit of a miracle on the first one last week as at first it didn’t work but then i thought of temporarily restoring the OS so it would create the necessary partition setup, and then restoring the backup. often a ‘bug’ or something that’s not working has a simple solution or workaround, a miracle hiding, waiting to be experienced.

sometimes we might not think all the little pieces can come together or we might just get caught up in the thinking or emotions or resistance of experiencing (or thinking we might experience) something we don’t prefer, though when we surrender to the moment and expect miracles (or simply expect things to work out), everything will flow naturally and effortlessly in our favor. experiencing miracles is as simple as shifting our perspective. embrace them and they will become a part of our everyday life.

a mini miracle today.. i was getting tired working at my friend’s office and had thought of going to the grocery store to pick up a couple of things before heading up to my hotel room. part of me was thinking i don’t need to and could just go tomorrow. though i had also thought of going to the park right up the road too. a little bit later, i noticed the light was getting to be very nice as […]

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what an incredible experience the last week or two has been! life is amazing when one allows it to flow!

i’ve been having some great conversations with people i just met and some that i’ve known for a while though hadn’t really conversed with. lots of amazing connections and understandings have come up. i was originally only going to be up in chicagoland for 2-3 weeks and was wanting to get on the road soon for my trip to the [...]

It seems that perhaps it taught me a little bit of compassion [for myself and others] as I awoke in tears, both understanding a bit what they were going though, and at the same time grateful for my own experience of/in life

In 1969, a 14-year-old Beatle fanatic named Jerry Levitan snuck into John Lennon’s hotel room in Toronto and convinced him to do an interview. 38 years later, Levitan, director Josh Raskin and illustrators James Braithwaite and Alex Kurina have collaborated to create an animated short film using the original interview recording as the soundtrack. A spellbinding vessel for Lennon’s boundless wit and timeless message, I Met the Walrus was nominated for the 2008 Academy Award for Animated Short and won the 2009 Emmy for ‘New Approaches’ (making it the first film to win an Emmy on behalf of the internet).

Flying high
Trying not to die
Why lie?

Tell the truth
Don’t look for the proof

Let go of the mind’s dis-ease
And you can choose to experiene life with ease

All you must do is let go
And enjoy the flow

Life is a beautiful mystery
When you let go of your history


back to miracles.. haven’t typed them up in what seems like a little while, though its probably really only been 2-3 days. time can be funny like that. let’s see which ones i can remember. today i experienced one this morning. my friend was renting a car for me to go drive to a lot of his completed job-sites to photograph the homes. we went to go pick it up and i forget exactly what the guys said there, though maybe they asked if the basic car was okay or something. i mentioned something with a moonroof would be preferable if they had it for the same price. they said they had a ford f150 though it costed more. i said it didn’t really matter, anything would be fine (though i wouldn’t have minded the truck.. it felt like it’d be nice when they said they had it). a couple/few minutes later as they were finishing up the rental process, my friend asked how much more the f150 would be, and they said they could do it for the same price, they just had to clean it quickly. we went with it. i waited a little bit for them to clean it, and off i was.

a nice bonus was that it had navigation built right into the touchscreen in the truck. i didn’t even think of this and was figuring i’d have to use the gps on my phone to get around to all the towns. it was much, much nicer not to have to look at the small screen on my phone or figure out how to rig it where i could see it easily while driving or have to be charging it as using gps all day would’ve drained it. it drove nicely and the seat was comfortable (which was helpful while spending around 8 hours driving today). when i would get to a location, i turned off the truck and punched in the next address into the gps to get it ready before taking the photos. at first, it wasn’t remembering the address when i got back in and turned the truck on which wasn’t as helpful. after a few of them, i clicked it a little different to actually start the navigation while the truck was off and then when i would get back in and turn it back on, it would remember. the key fob worked nicely as i could keep it in my pocket and very easily touch the button on the handle to lock it as i was walking out and it would unlock as i placed my hand on the handle to open it. these thing seem quite simple and are becoming more normal in cars, though i likely wouldn’t have had these features if i just got the standard car instead of the free upgrade to the truck. these saved a lot of time and effort when driving to 27 different locations today. the driving and photographs took longer than expected though it went pretty smoothly. there was some traffic though it wasn’t extremely bad, and i was only stopped once by one of the homeowners/residents (and it only took a few seconds to say why i was taking photos and there was no issue).

the moonroof came in handy for a couple of photos in the city where i needed extra height — i thought of standing on the bed of the truck though stood on the seat or center console and shot a couple of times from there. one of the first buildings in the city had a car blocking the view and as i was leaving to go to the next location, something told me to go back and try standing on the bed of the truck or out the moonroof to get a better angle. as i pulled up and parked across the street from it, i saw someone walking out of the home and into the car. i waited a few seconds and the view was clear. i stood out the moonroof and got a much better shot than i did from standing on the curb a couple/few minutes before. it was perfect timing and divine guidance!

after taking all the photographs for today, i went to the loop and wasn’t really feeling like paying for parking and the thought crossed my mind of finding free parking though i didn’t think too much about it. i got down to the loop and was heading south. i was seeing lots of paid parking. i thought something like maybe down one of the side streets a long walk away i’d find free parking. i was already late and didn’t want to walk too much further. after driving just over a block past where i was going, i turned right and saw some signs saying 15 or 30 minute standing zone. the 30 minute zone ended at 7 though was full of cars, and the 15 minute zone ended at 8 and still had some room available. it was around 7:40 or almost 7:45. i drove around the block to see what else i’d find and went back to that spot not finding anything else. i read the sign more carefully and it didn’t have any indication of what happened after 7 or 8 and there were cars parked after 7 in the 30 minute zone. i drove to go check out one other area i noticed someone pulling out of down the block though it ended up being a no parking zone. i came back around to the 15 minute zone and the empty space was still there waiting for me. i pulled in close to the curb and put the flashers on the truck as it was still a few minutes before 8 and walked off. almost 3 hours later when i was heading back to the truck, the mind had a brief thought of what if there was some issue with a ticket or it being towed. i had sent white light to the truck and asked for no issues when i had left it, though still had the thought. i was pretty sure it’d be fine, though asked the divine again for it to be okay, and surrendered to whatever the outcome would be. i turned the corner and saw some flashing lights and thanked the divine. i had wondered if the truck would start having the lights flashing for so long. i figured it’d be okay as it was only the flashers though when i first got in and pushed the start button it didn’t start, though the seat stared to move into position and the screen came on and all. i pushed the button again to turn it off and then again to start it, and it started that time. there was no traffic and i made it from the loop to lombard very quickly, probably was just half an hour.

it’s really nice when everything flows smoothly. it feels like this happens more and more often the more we strengthen our connection to the divine by releasing blocks or resistance that was previously affecting the connection. another little piece of today that worked out nicely was that i saw a sign for an oasis when heading south on the interstate into the city. there was a sign indicating another oasis was 20 miles ahead. i didn’t know how far away i was from the city. i thought that still might be on my way in since i was pretty far north, only around a mile from the wisconsin border. though i felt that it’d be good to stop at this one. i stopped and wasn’t really expecting a great selection of food, though there happened to be a mediterranean or middle-eastern place that had a veggie falafel wrap. after leaving the oasis, there wasn’t another one on the route the gps took me and the beginning of the traffic was shortly afterwards too. it was all in perfect divine order. also, i hadn’t parked the truck that well and wasn’t leaving much room for the car to the right to get out, though i figured i wasn’t going to be but a couple minutes. after going to the bathroom and taking a couple quick shots for a time-lapse video out the oasis windows, i saw the falafel place and it didn’t take that long. when i got back to the truck, the car next to me was still there. i saw someone ahead of me walking in that direction though they kept going further back to the other parking area, so it seems whoever parked there was still inside the oasis and (hopefully) i didn’t affect them by not parking straight in the spot.

it seems life is simply a continuous flow of unfolding miracles when we learn and choose to see it as such.

today’s miracle

at my friend’s office, i had set up a bunch of tv screens to act as status screens/boards showing calendars, job statuses, and other data from the custom dashboard system i built for him to run the company. i re-did the technology behind the way they worked and had one screen that had a corrupt memory card. i had tried to fix it yesterday or the day before, though it wasn’t working this morning when i got in. i was trying all sorts of things to get it to work, including using some really old memory cards we still had here and clearing out a card and installing the latest version of the operating system on it. some things had changed in the latest OS and it wasn’t working, so i went back to seeing if one of the old cards would work. i found one that booted though it had the old network settings on it and due to the way it was set up, i wasn’t able to get into it, even with a keyboard physically plugged into it. i came up with a way to hack my way in by modifying a script on the part of the card i had access to via a different computer. i was able to get the latest settings and my newest scripts on it. it seemed to be working though upon rebooting after the update, it was displaying all sorts of error messages.. it appeared that the memory card was corrupted. the cards would sometime get corrupted if the micro computer lost power because the tv was bumped into or the usb power cable was moved by accident. it didn’t make sense that it stopped working on its own this time, as it had rebooted without me physically touching it. i let it sit for a little bit to see what it was doing, and was starting to accept the possibility that i might not be done yet nor have an immediate solution for it (and i was wanting to finish before taking a break). something told me to go unplug the power and plug it back in to restart it. as i was doing so, the thought something along the lines of maybe needing a miracle or it not making sense for it to be the way it was crossed my mind (though i surrendered and wasn’t attached to whether it worked or not by that point). i plugged it back in and it just started to boot up normally. now, after a while, it’s still running properly without any other issues.

open yourself up to miracles and you will see them happen and unfold before your eyes. miracles can be a natural and everyday occurrence if we allow them to be. believe its possible and you’ll experience it. sometimes for me its been more difficult to believe it in the world of technology as i have a lot of experience and knowledge in technology, though allowing for the possibility of a miracle creates the space in which it can occur. this reminds me of when Queenie put the Sri Murti on the computers and mixer at the P&G to keep everything running smoothly, or when i was copying the weekend video from an external hard drive to the laptop.. the file transfer had stopped a couple of times for no apparent reason and when i put my hands around it and sent it energy or white light, it started working again.

it’s really amazing and inspiring how simply miracles can happen when we’re open to them. we don’t even need any big ritual or anything.. just know its possible, or connect with the presence and ask for it, and it will happen. often the mind wants to make things difficult in life by thinking it needs to struggle or try hard to make something happen. life can be much more effortless when we allow for help from the divine. we don’t have to do everything ourselves. miracles can be a very natural part of life. and it doesn’t have to make sense how something strange happened.

monday i went to the store with my friend to help him carry a large toolchest he was purchasing. he had paid and we were waiting for them to get a forklift to take it off the shelves. it had been a little while and we were walking around the store looking at other things. something brought us down to one of the end aisles. after looking at something there, we walked a few feet and right there on one of the flat carts was the toolchest waiting for us. no one had come to find us to tell us it was ready and we didn’t hear the forklift running. it seemed a bit strange at the moment.. perhaps they got it from somewhere else or something, though it didn’t really matter. we were ready to go and it was there waiting for us. the cashier saw us coming towards the exit and told us we were all set and we left.

on saturday afternoon, after i was helping my friend move for a couple of days, i took a shower and it was a miracle that i really wasn’t feeling sore (nor really tired) afterwards. i had woken up that morning feeling a bit sore though at dinner afterwards i realized it was gone and i wasn’t feeling it at all.

simple miracles can happen every day. look for them and you’ll continue to find them.

[2016.05.23] miracles

this weekend at the p&g we were encouraged to share miracles with others. tonight at the flowering heart center in downer’s grove, we each shared a miracle we experienced today or recently. i wasn’t sure about sharing the little miracle i experienced but after i did others seemed to be inspired by it, so i’ve recorded more of the details here. it’s probably a little bit scatterred as i tried to remember exactly what happened. it’s funny how the details can get lost later compared to when we’re living and feeling and experiencing it in the moment.

in the audio recording, i forgot to say that after i made it back to my friend’s office, i got back right at the very same time someone who worked for him was at the office. i had connected with him on the phone a few weeks ago sharing some spiritual perspectives and we had a good conversation. today when we both ‘randomly’ showed up at the same time, he was surprised to see me there, not knowing i was going to be in town. i also found out he no longer worked for my friend. he said he was interested in going to the flowering heart center and couldn’t make it tonight but said he could go wednesday and meet beforehand. we may have never seen each other during the few weeks i’m up here if the divine hadn’t worked out everything for us to both show up there at the same exact time.

i also forgot to mention that when i did hit the gas to start the van, it didn’t idle and stalled right away. the next time we got it started, i had to hold the gas pedal down for a couple minutes just to keep it running. it wasn’t looking too good for the van being able to go anywhere, though the divine wanted it to all work out and it did. sometimes we just gotta let go, surrender, and trust that a higher power is orchestrating all of the pieces and know that it’s all in perfect, divine order. it was beautiful to hear the miracles that others in the community had experienced.

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#360x180 #stereographic #projection #littleplanet #weeplanet #ricoh #theta #360 #ricohtheta #theta360 #fisheye #lookingup #lookingdown #planet #360degree #stereographicprojection #world #littleworld #tinyplanet #nature #preserve #park #walk
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#360x180 #stereographic #projection #littleplanet #weeplanet #ricoh #theta #360 #ricohtheta #theta360 #fisheye #lookingup #lookingdown #planet #360degree #stereographicprojection #world #littleworld #tinyplanet #clouds #buildings #cars
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it feels so good to release, feel light, and naturally blissed out

it’s like a continuous blessing and peaceful state

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..about to embark on a journey across the country!

here’s the route i’m thinking.. [google maps wasn’t letting me add any more destinations!] after what’s on the map, i’ll continue down along the coast into california (and probably head inland at times to explore). i’d like to get out to sedona again [and wander over to utah, colorado, new mexico, etc too] though that might not be ’til next year. if you’re anywhere near where i’ll be traveling through, feel free to drop me a line.

..and I woke up realizing I was just following/feeling this dream this crazy guy had

wow, i just remember remembering/knowing that i picked up influences from others.. i can remember years ago thinking about my own definition / way of doing things / being / etc.. and it seemed like i would pick up little characteristics from those around me and let those be who i was. it didn’t seem in a harmful way, though more in a fun way, or almost as a tribute to them. yet, how far do we take this? as […]

Us humans are funny creatures with these emotions and experiences we decide to create (and occasionally resist)..