2020 May
remember to look for the beauty in the world.  going to nature and noticing the details & the unique expressions of the trees & plants is a simple way to begin to discover how beautiful planet earth is.

#nature #trees #beauty #sunset #walk #water #clouds #goldenhour .. looks like the instagram app somehow managed to lose two of the images here.. have a look at my next post to see them, or view on my website: http://www.markmarano.com/2020/06/02/19456/
have a look at the things or experiences in life that you like, and remember when you started liking them.. were you inspired by a sense of awe upon discovering it?  was the thing or experience you like something someone you knew liked or told you about?  as we examine various aspects of our life more deeply we can have a better understanding of where we're at in life, and know if any aspects of our lives that are still there are serving us where we're currently at now (or if its time to let them go as their temporary purpose no longer exists).

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while one is welcome to believe or not believe anything they choose, it would be wise to look deeply into where that belief originated.  if it came from any outside source, look into where that outside source got the belief and what motives they have behind it.  so much of what is believed is handed down from others, with a lot of propaganda and programming coming from those with large monetary or power interests, which often may only be good for those dictating the belief (and quite unhelpful to those whom don't know any better). whenever you hear anything from any external source, go into your heart and feel whether or not it is aligned with what you want to see in the world.

we have the power to choose what we believe and the reality we want to create.  we can unite in choosing a peaceful world with clean air, healthy non-gmo organic food, clean water, wellness, clean energy (or new/free energy), zero emissions transportation, sustainable living in harmony with the planet, abundance for all, etc, etc.  what future do you want to see?  visualize and feel what a beautiful new earth looks like, where we all live in peace & harmony with each other and the planet.  it's certainly possible, and its closer than many people realize.  its simply up to us to feel it, choose it, and believe it, and to follow any inspired action to help create it.  the more of us that choose it and not only believe it is possible, but believe it is our reality that is unfolding, the more quickly those of us whom have the solutions (that are aligned with our desire) will produce them.

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if we want to live in a peaceful world, we must choose to live with a state of inner peace.  we do this by facing the parts of ourselves that we may not like and fully accepting them.  by healing our shadows and subconscious programming, we free up energy so that we may naturally live in peace.

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sometimes all we need to do is simply stop, relax, and enjoy the breeze. being outdoors in nature can be quite healing.

#nature #intracoastal #water #dunedin #causeway #florida #clouds #beach #flying #dji #mavic #mini #rc #quadcopter #drone #aerialvideo #dronevideo #aerial #birdseyeview #lookingdown #fromabove .. a short #mavicmini flight as i was getting strong wind warnings at only 60-70ft altitude, and i just used the remaining amount of a partially charged battery. i look forward to doing longer shots here, out toward the gulf, when it’s less breezy.
everything in this reality is only as solid or fluid as we allow it to be.  we solidify something by giving it attention, energy, thought, or belief.  as we let go of attachment to something, by no longer giving it attention, energy, thought, or belief (conscious or subconscious), we allow for it to change.  it is in this letting go of control that we re-gain our energy & power to focus on creating what we do desire.

it is time to let go of all fears of uncertainty, worries of survival, and needing for things to be a certain way (or how they used to be). as we let go of attachments we step into the present moment, and discover the beauty, peace, and perfection that is already here & now.  in freeing ourselves of fear & control, we realize how light we feel, without the past burdens we had been carrying with us everywhere we went.  with our new found energy, we can collectively meditate, pray, and create a new earth in which everyone lives in peace & perfect harmony with each other & the planet.  in this vision for a new earth, so many (if not all) of our individual struggles will cease to exist.

#nature #water #aerial #park #flying #dji #mavic #mini #rc #quadcopter #drone #lookingdown #fromabove #aerialvideo #dronevideo #mavicmini #earth .. looks like i’ll have to share the best parts of this flight another time after i download the sd card (as the old phone only cached the very end of the video preview)
it is time for all of us to let go of any tribalism.  while one may be interested in a particular group (and some may be really helpful in what they do), separation can easily occur through a group mentality.  the more attached one is to any particular viewpoint or group, the more prone one is to see or judge another as wrong (and the more prone one is to be manipulated by dogma, indoctrination, propaganda, or programming that can easily be introduced via the influential mechanism of the group). most people can easily see some of the division caused by people being for (or against) a certain political party, religion, sports team, nation, company, leader, technological preference, way of life, or any other sort of large group or thing that compartmentalizes people.

while one benefit that some may feel by partaking in something with like-minded people is a sense of inclusiveness, we can all easily feel this same sense of belonging through our humanity alone.  as we take our energy back from any divisive group thinking (or limited viewpoints), we can use our energy (that was previously being used to judge outsiders as wrong) to connect more openly with others.  these heartfelt connections will be much more impactful in one's life than any limited belief can give.  and if one wants to grow and ascend on a spiritual path, one must learn to embrace all viewpoints as part of the greater whole.

it is only through our individual sovereignty that we can truly gather together as one in our collective humanity.

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for anyone whom prays or sends blessings or good energy to others, remember to ask that these good vibes go to all beings, especially anyone in any position of power, regardless of whether or not you agree with them or like what they've done.  by doing so you will open the space to heal any separation, and help create the space for the divine to open their heart & awaken them, so they may use their power for the good of all.

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the message i share is essentially the same i've been sharing for decades:  open your eyes, there's much more to the world than you can see through a limited perspective.

#nature #park #tree #goldenhour

it’s interesting to see the variety of beliefs and viewpoints floating around related to current events. something to ponder, that i recalled noticing an aspect of a number of years ago and wondering about.. are spiritual people (or anyone with an open heart) more aware and able to feel what’s truly happening due to heightened intuition, or more gullible as they can easily feel the feelings being conveyed through others (which can be a manipulation tactic by those conveying the feelings), or perhaps both? no answers are required.. simply something to meditate upon and contemplate with yourself.

whatever true answer one may find within oneself, regarding this and anything ‘out there’ in the world, we must also learn to embrace all viewpoints and whatever aspects of truth they may convey, and, most importantly, have compassion for whatever the other is going through. if we are to feel deeply enough into what the other is feeling, beyond what they are saying in the moment, the place of unconditional love we connect through can help dissolve whatever pain or conditioning may be causing their present expression.

as human beings, the most important thing we can do right now is to come together, not in fear, blame, worry, hate, nor any other negative emotion directed toward anything out there, but rather in the peace, harmony, unconditional love, and unity that higher consciousness brings.  as more and more of us learn to transcend the conditioning of the mind, we will effortlessly step into this place where we are united as one collective being, free from any external negative influence and able to create a beautiful new earth, where all naturally live in harmony with each other and the planet.

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do not judge, criticize, or condemn anyone whom might have a different belief than you, regardless of how bad it may seem.  others' views, beliefs, and actions are merely a product of where one is in consciousness, and one can only do as good as they can given their level of consciousness.  if any given level of consciousness appears to not be helpful to others or the world, rather than use your energy blaming those whom don't know any better, direct your focus, attention, and energy towards helping more & more people (including yourself) heal, awaken, and continue to raise the overall level of consciousness. through our collective growth we will transform human consciousness and create a beautiful new earth where we all live as one, in peace & perfect harmony with each other and the planet. (also remember that the reflection they played, regardless of how bad or wrong it was, may have been exactly what you or another needed in order to grow to higher levels of consciousness)

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#nature #park #sunset #dusk #clouds #bikeride #lake
we are not here to follow the ways of life that anyone else dictates to us.

we are here to be creators of our own lives & our own reality.

we have the power and freedom to choose to live any way we choose.

we can choose love, peace, and compassion, over any separation or division that outside forces are causing or wanting us to experience.

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looks like i may stop using instagram (or its new parent facebook), as the instagram server is no longer allowing me to fully automate downloading my own images and videos to my website, which was the whole reason i ever started using the platform (and i’m not sure that i want to spend more hours coding a potential workaround that could possibly break at some point, especially as the part that’s currently still working is going to be deprecated in the coming weeks). [i had been thinking on and off recently of no longer posting to social media and deleting my old posts to just keep everything in one spot, on my website.. looks like i now have a good reason to do so, especially as squeezing low resolution previews into the one minute instagram video limit didn’t do justice to the shots and the old phone i was using with the quadcopter would quickly run out of space and i wouldn’t be able to use the video from the whole flight until i later downloaded the original files off the memory card]

for now i will still keep the 3500+ posts i made to instagram here:


i’ll likely still continue to post videos on youtube (as the videos on my website play through there), though it won’t be daily as i typically spend much more time editing these videos on the computer and it tends to be a while before i get to them:


to see all the photos, videos, writing, etc that i’ve shared online, please visit my website:


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if you are concerned about potential chaos that any darkness may inflict, remember that there are many more of us than them, and in our unity they stand no chance to cause any further harm [our division is what they need in order to retain power]. let us let go of any divisive thoughts and remain united together, from the place of our collective heart.  as we come from a place of compassion & unconditional love, and see that we have more in common than different, we will grow together in our collective humanity, and a beautiful new earth & reality will unfold before us.  remember that this outer world is a projection of our inner world.  if we want to experience life in a peaceful world, we must begin by choosing to live from a place of peace within.  each of our individual choices of peace & unity (over division) is a prayer.

#nature #beauty #water #mangroves #bayou #park #preserve #flying #dji #mavic #mini #rc #quadcopter #drone #aerialvideo #dronevideo #mavicmini #aerial #birdseyeview #lookingdown #fromabove .. i split up the clips from both shots, as even at 4x speed they would've been longer than the instagram one minute limit (and would've been playing too fast to appreciate the natural beauty portrayed)
go for a walk in nature and see what you might notice that you’ve never noticed before. or see how you can perceive something you’ve always seen, but in a new way. relax, widen back, and take it all in.

#nature #lake #park #water #goldenhour #light #sunset #flying #dji #mavic #mini #rc #quadcopter #drone #aerialvideo #dronevideo #aerial #birdseyeview #lookingdown #fromabove
while we must be willing to fully embrace the darkness, we must also remember to always choose the light.

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remember that just because someone can take one to a higher state of consciousness through a powerful meditation, blessing, song, energy transmission, or other process, modality, or form, it does not mean that everything they say, think, or teach is necessarily true or correct.  as individually sovereign beings, it is up to each of us to use our own discernment to feel & know if anything we see or hear is aligned with the higher truth we know in our heart. at the same time, we must be open to new possibilities and not quickly brush someone off whom has an opposing view.

#nature #trees #clouds #windy #aerial .. quickly testing #dji #mavic #mini with new manual white balance and exposure settings after firmware update #mavicmini
as we are grateful in remembering & celebrating all that our human mothers have done for us, let us also remember & honor our planetary mother earth, for without her none of us would be here.

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remember, you don't need to accept any of the stories being portrayed by anyone out there.  this illusion we call reality is created by the beliefs of the collective consciousness.  the more of us that choose to stop buying any of the various narratives that the mainstream is selling, the quicker we can create a beautiful new earth.  we simply do this by not giving our focus, attention, or energy to that which doesn't serve us, and we use that reclaimed energy/power to focus on what we do want to see in the world, either through direct action or in visualizing and feeling the way we desire (and following the divine inspiration we receive). we can all live in peace, health, and harmony with each other and the planet if we choose to believe this (and act upon this belief as we feel called to). or we can choose to live in fear, worry, anxiety, and constantly needing to follow/know what the news, big industries, corporations, or others whom have been influenced/manipulated by these want us to believe.  the choice is ours, up to each one of us individually.  the more of us that awaken and choose to live from a place of unconditional love, the quicker the new collective story of humanity unfolds.

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learn to fully embrace & unconditionally love all aspects of yourself & others.  this alone will miraculously transform the world.

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in the journey of opening one's heart, one may find it helpful to limit time spent on activities that are more mind-based, such as working on projects that require a lot of mental problem solving, following a rigid schedule, or watching the news, competitive sports, serious dramas, or "how-to" programming.  learn to spend more time in heartfelt activities, such as going for a walk, sitting in nature, connecting with another, or watching videos that are funny or that open your heart into the life of another.  when living from the heart, solutions will be inspired, felt, or known intuitively, and life can flow much more smoothly than when constantly looking for an answer or trying to control the outcome with the mind.

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if another presents a viewpoint in opposition to your own, rather than see them as wrong or try to defend your own view, learn to embrace the other's perspective and understand how one may have taken on that view.  when seeing and feeling others through the heart, we become more connected and can live together harmoniously, regardless of any differences in preferences or opinions that we may have.

#nature #clouds #sky #lake #park #bikeride #bw #blackandwhite #monochrome #greyscale
if you're feeling stuck in life, often all you need is a new perspective.  if you've been looking at life a certain way (or through the viewpoint of a certain teacher, leader, influencer, etc), simply exploring the perspective of another may open your eyes to what you need to see or hear (and the new perspective may come from a source you didn't necessarily expect.. simply follow your heart and intuition, and you'll be guided along to whatever you need to see, learn, or experience). in repeatedly hearing the same underlying message in the same ways, it may become dull and no longer effective.  hearing someone else who's essentially saying the same thing you've already heard, but using different words or a new vantagepoint, may be exactly what allows you to open your eyes and heart to the message you need to hear and feel.  with anything in life, its good to take a break from what you're doing if you're doing it all the time.  time away from a project, goal, practice, or everyday life will allow you to explore other possibilities and create the space in which you can start over (as you feel called to) from a more energized place.

#nature #trees #flying #dji #mavic #mini #rc #quadcopter #drone #aerialvideo #dronevideo #mavicmini #aerial #birdseyeview #lookingdown #fromabove
if some things in life aren’t as you prefer, rather than dwelling in the frustration or giving energy toward fighting what you don’t want, direct your focus toward visualizing & creating what you do want. if it’s difficult to do this at first, spend time realizing how much in life you can be grateful for. celebrate these and the good that you do enjoy. this simple shift in energy will raise your vibration, and you may soon forget about what was bothering you (and the very thing you didn’t like may have transformed into something more aligned with what you desire). a shift in perspective can be quite powerful, even miraculous at times.

#intracoastal #water #bridge #causeway #intracoastalwaterway #boats #clearwater #clearwaterbeach #florida #cars #clouds #island #sand #nature #flying #dji #mavic #mini #rc #quadcopter #drone #aerialvideo #dronevideo #aerial #birdseyeview #lookingdown #fromabove #mavicmini .. i went out here to do a shot looking down at the water and island (similar to the second one posted here, which was actually the first one chronologically), though i didn’t get to fly very high due to strong wind warnings at around 70 ft altitude. i’ll have to go back another time, perhaps in better light conditions (or hopefully at least remember to lock the exposure settings next time). most of the shots were more of me just doing something since i was already there. although i much prefer to photograph (and be in) nature, i may make more images of man-made things as some perspectives and places can make interesting landscapes. at some point i’ll post more aerial videos on youtube, as having to speed up some shots a lot (the first two at 3.5x or 4x speed) to fit on instagram don’t do justice to the original shots (nor does using low res previews that have parts missing due to loss of full signal).
when all else disappears, only the divine remains.

#nature #sky #clouds #sunset #dusk #colors #light #trees
as things begin to open back up, some people may want to go back to 'normal'. remember you can still remain at peace, and you can easily choose not to participate in the madness that the mass media-driven consumerism brings.  the more of us that choose not to participate in the chaotic old ways, the more quickly we can birth a new earth, where we all live in peace & harmony with each other & the planet.

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if anyone is afraid that the world might end up in a dark place, relax and know that there are already well more than enough of us whom have awakened & whom are aligned with the light that this won't happen.  the golden age is just around the corner, and the more of us that continue to awaken & focus on the light, the more quickly we will see signs of the golden age unfolding in the physical world.

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as interesting as it can be to explore unique perspectives in photography, it can be much more interesting to explore the various perspectives of the mind.  upon embarking on such a journey, we'll learn that we only see through the lens of our own beliefs, and in order to fully awaken to the truth of reality, we must learn to transcend all the filters of the mind.

#nature #water #reflection #perspectives #beliefs #reality #awaken #truth #transcend #nofilter

perhaps much more dangerous than potentially believing something that is incorrect versus true is the whole division and opposition this causes in humanity. the whole right and wrong game is what causes all war and suffering. it is time to end the madness that the ego, mind, or separate self causes. all beliefs and viewpoints are simply that, limited perspectives of the greater whole. as we awaken and grow, we learn that all of these can be changed. as we continue to expand, we see how in many cases in order for any one particular viewpoint to exist the opposite must also exist. as we transcend this duality we can return to the deep sense of peace and stillness from which we originated. rather than getting caught up in what others are telling you is real or true about the world, spend time going within to heal so you may continue to open up the connection to your true nature. it is only from this place of awakened consciousness that we can truly evolve and transform the world into a better place for everyone. as difficult as it may be, choose to love and completely accept all aspects of yourself and others. know that we are all only doing the best that we can given our current state of consciousness, and as we individually grow & raise our own levels of consciousness, so too will others be able to heal and expand. if you see something that seems completely wrong, rather than judge it as being bad (or even as being a lower level of consciousness), have compassion for the other. feel what they may be feeling in order to be acting or saying what they are. come from a place of unconditional divine love. this is how we heal the world. we choose to live from the higher levels of consciousness and embody those divine energies here on earth.

as some of you know (and a lot of you may not know), i’ve been looking to purchase land for some years now, either to build a new home, park a tiny home on wheels, or start a community. i sold the van i had over a year ago (as i wasn’t really using it as i had anticipated due to health issues) and previously sold the condo i had (shortly after i purchased the van), and my current living situation has been less than ideal (with negative/toxic/unhealthy influences that are not aligned with the directions i’m called to move forward in).

i don’t like to ask for help, though it seems perhaps i need to do so, as i’m in immediate need of a solution if i want to move forward with life and continue to live here on earth. what i need right now is a lot of land where i can permanently park some kind of tiny home on wheels (and ideally also grow organic food). the location should be somewhere i find peaceful (quiet, safe, private, natural, nice, clean, far from main roads and industrial areas, away from emf/emr, away from smokers and other sources of pollution, etc), most preferably in florida, in north pinellas or west hillsborough counties, so i can still be a part of local spiritual communities here and be near various health food stores & nature parks/preserves in the area. clean water, electricity, internet (ethernet), and sewer or septic on site would be preferable, though i could be partially or completely off-grid if necessary. i’m open to purchasing the land through 100% seller financing or via donations anyone can offer, or can consider renting the land for a low rate (around $100 per month plus utilities). i have some funds i can use to purchase a travel trailer (or a cargo trailer to convert into a custom tiny home on wheels), though currently not enough to also purchase the land (until my investments go back up). when my investments go back up to new highs, i’d be happy to pay back (or forward) any donations i receive. other than on vacant land, i could also consider parking in a big back yard (or front yard, if on a large acreage), though am not interested in sharing a house/apartment/etc as i really need my own personal space in order to heal, grow, and be able to tune into inspiration for the creative and technical work i do (and i wouldn’t really be able to relax if inside of someone else’s home, as i’d feel the need or pressure (even if subtle) to have to be following specific rules or looking for another place as its only temporary). if anyone has a good spot outside of florida, i’d consider going somewhere else if in a warmer state (with mild to non-existent winters), in/near nature, and by healthy food stores (with good produce and vegetarian/vegan options).

for decades i’ve been creating unique images, videos, and writing that i’ve shared freely (without advertising or sponsorship, aside from a couple of pieces of gear i’ve won or have been given). others find my creative work inspirational and i’d like to continue to create & share, but am currently barely able to, given the current circumstances of my living situation. i’d also like to be able to continue to support spiritual awakening & growth in others, though its extremely difficult to do so when i don’t have my own quiet, safe, sacred space in which i can heal, grow, relax and feel divine inspiration. and i’d like to help create eco-conscious communities that i know others desire, though this also requires a good space to effectively work on the various aspects of the project. please help me in being able to move forward in this life. i have other projects and things (like inspirational visions of a beautiful new earth we can collectively co-create) that i’d also like to be able to share when i’m in my own space. at times i’ve thought perhaps the divine doesn’t want me here anymore (as multiple things haven’t worked out in recent years where i ended up losing a good bit of money, i had clients whom didn’t paid me fully, and i have yet to receive the abundance (in any form) to purchase land and a new home), though i’d still like to stick around and i know others appreciate my presence. if you find any value in me or my life, please help me continue to live this life. while part of me doesn’t want to have to ask anyone for financial help, i suppose its the norm these days for content creators to ask for help in various ways from those who appreciate what they do. i recall a while back, around a decade ago, having inspiration to create a ‘help support the artist’ web page or site, though never created anything more than a simple affiliate link page that i didn’t promote, so here’s a more direct approach to asking for help.

please let me know if you have or know of anyone who has suitable land, and please contact me if you’re able to donate, help raise funds, or know anyone whom can. thank you, many blessings & much gratitude!

learn to step out of your mind, and into your heart. this is the spiritual journey.

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