2009 December

mark marano : a lens-based artist, explorer, observer, seeker of beauty and truth through the energetic expression of freedom in one experience of life

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Saw this in the St. Petersburg Times today..

The Greats in Photography such as Ansel Adams

– Baraka
– Chronos
– Koyaanisqatsi: Life out of Balance
– Powaqqatsi: Life in Transformation
– Naqoyqatsi: Life as War

other films:
– 1 Giant Leap
– Ambition to Meaning: Finding Your Life’s Purposes (and audio programs by Wayne Dyer)
– Waking Life
– What the Bleep Do We Know!? & What the Bleep!? – Down the Rabbit Hole

– Nature, places untouched by man
– Watching the Sunlight Dance Between the Clouds Across the Distant Landscape on a Perfect Day: Mostly-Sunny / Partly-Cloudy, 77 degrees with a light, slightly cooling breeze
– Absolute Silence
– Being in the Moment
– Staring at the Stars on a Clear, Moonless Night many miles from major light pollution
– The Feeling of Connection & Deeper Levels of Understanding
– Peace
– Learning New Perspectives
– Opening My Eyes to New Methods of Perception / Levels of Awareness
– Meeting Others Who Understand
– Living Life Free of Constraints
– Travel, Experiencing New Places
– Meeting Others Who Are Non-Judgmental
– Falling in Love
– Positive Energy
– Sedona, Hawaii, the West
– Parks (the temporary escape from the surrounding chaos)
– Surrounding Myself with a Community of Like-Minded Individuals
– Sharing Life Experiences and Philosophies with those who understand
– Knowing There is Always a Reason for Everything, despite not always knowing or being able to fully understand why until much later
– Understanding Why as the Path Unfolds
– Enjoying the Journey
– Re-Embarking on My Quest
– Surrendering the Ego
– Fully Expressing Myself, My Way of Life (see the line above and realize the dilemma it is to be an artist!)
– Learning/Researching/Creating New (art/photo) Techniques to Explore New Ways of Self-Expression
– Understanding the Self
– Understanding Higher Levels of Awareness/Consciousness / God / Energy / the Universe / Spirituality
– Allowing the Thoughts and Ideas to Flow out Fluently from a Higher Place
– Realizing that the Words Always Make Perfect Sense (when you realize what they actually mean)
– Being Inspired
– Feeling the Ever-Present Moment when the mind is silent
– Realizing that Everything is Perfect (despite my often constant strive for perfection)
– Simplifying Life
– Relaxing
– Creating
– Doing Something With Purpose (although often I may not know exactly what the purpose is! perhaps I mean Doing Something that has Purpose / is of Significance)
– Hearing Music that brings back the Memories / Feelings (without excess effort to find/sort/play the music)
– Feeling Emotion
– Sharing Emotion with Those Who Are Non-Judgmental
– Knowing Oneness
– Observing
– Feeling Significant
– Seeing Enthusiasm in Someone Who Desires to Create Something Extraordinary
– Realizing the Connection Between Thoughts / Ideas / Concepts (and often running off on long tangents to demonstrate the importance of all these connections)
– Long Conversations about Life, Philosophy, deep things that truly matter
– Being Authentic, Honest
– Songs With Emotion
– Feeling and Understanding High Energy
– Dreaming
– Feeling the Breeze
– The View from Above (literally/physically)
– The Omniscient Perspective (metaphysically)
– Understanding Our Necessary Purpose(s) as Observers of the Fine Details of the Greater Perspective
– Desiring to Express this, all of this (which is really the unexpressable, as the moment it is expressed, it has already become altered)
– Realizing Above All, the Experience is what Truly Matters (and is what Perfection is, no matter how much one can strive to express perfection)
– (realizing there is really nothing more I can say to make you understand any clearer)
– creating in the moment (when it does occur, it occurs perfectly!)