2013 March

beyond the witness

it is merely an illusion, this universe we deem as reality.

yet it is a playground where one can wear a hat and be a certain way.

it can be quite fun. especially when one learns to switch hats in midst of the game.

i know not what i speak, for what i know, not can be spoken of.

embrace the illusion. the way out, though beyond, is through.

expand in all directions simultaneously. yet none at the same time.

step into a new world. one that may seem quite foreign at first, yet it is your true home.

breaking free

location of the exit is the only task of any value to you.

all else is merely distraction from your origin.

[everything you ever wanted, and so much more]

if i close my eyes and focus my attention, i can almost hear music in the rain

Wow, a great, yet subtle, sense of relief can be felt as one let’s go of one’s burdens and concerns. The present moment is beautiful, every single one. In this moment, I realized beauty on an overcast, partially gloomy, day, and even as the temperature dropped and the winds became cooler.

Life is really amazing when you actually experience it. All the subtle-ties that you once thought mundane can really illuminate in their own beauty when you let go of the judgement of the mind. Its really quiet without it. Allow clarity, embrace it.

Let go of your _need_ to do anything, and simply allow each moment to unfold on its own. Its much more enjoyable this way :)

it’s funny how i seem to be able to pick up on what others are feeling, what would trigger them, or what they could learn to shift/broaden their perspective(s) on.. and naturally, just by feeling whatever comes to me in the moment, bring it to light for them to be able to see/experience. not everyone gets it though. from a higher level, it truly is a gift that i am allowing to flow through me, if they would choose to […]

Divine Madness – Alan Watts 2/4

Divine Madness – Alan Watts 3/4

Divine Madness – Alan Watts 4/4


Alan Watts – Living


Alan Watts on Enlightenment


part of my work is about the moments you don’t see or pay attention to. it’s making significant the insignificant. it’s the moments inbetween moments you yearn for. the subtle yet overlooked. what is always there yet unknown. it’s taking these moments and glorifying them. perhaps as a means to bring one to notice what one does pay attention to and put energy into. and to subconsciously help one realize that every moment is beautiful. why divide or seperate moments into what one likes and doesn’t like. why categorize into good and bad. why divide at all. reunite, and become one. it’s been underneath all my work. a subtle layer i didn’t even realize in the earlier parts. part of me knew, though part of me thought it was about something else. funny how life is like that. you can see one thing completely differently from the intended message, or from what someone else sees.

it’s about being in love with the world. appreciating it all. feeling alive and life itself.

it’s about rewriting what’s already been written, merely for the sake of doing so.

and expressing reality while entangled in the unreal.

while reversing what is and what isn’t, to expand one’s palette of possibility.

some of my work has nothing to do with any of this. it just exists for the experience alone. [though, yet, this is exactly the same message, in a different manner]

we are all different vantage points in the whole. [the whole is one]

the message already exists. though this time many messengers arrived so it could be heard by all.

[for when all is [knowingly] one, quite brilliant things might arise]

and it’s not always about being a messenger, as it is in living the message. [it will emanate and shine through brilliantly on its own no matter what is said or done, if anything]

the true work is about feeling the connection [to the unknown] and running freely with it.
it’s a wild journey [this whole thing we call life]

don’t try to understand, for that only leads you astray.
it is in experiencing that one knows.

[no matter when, why, how, where, while you read this] today is a brilliant day.

when you awaken, the many [once hidden] layers become transparent and quite obvious [they were always there].

letting go of unnecessary definition [which is all of it], is of far greater value than creating new definitions.

it seems to be becoming a little clearer to me what surrendering really is.

..do i choose to allow it fully?

[listening to the beauty of nature..]

..and though unexpected [at the moment], the discovery was [quite] welcome

Life is peaceful when you surrender and let go.

By letting go of unnecessary worries, you gain a greater insight to reality… you feel a deeper connection, and everything seems more alive, more real, as it truly is.

The morning glory which blooms for an hour
Differs not at heart from the giant pine,
Which lives for a thousand years.

- Zen poem quoted by Alan Watts

it’s funny… i watch myself doing all these things.. like starting lots of little projects and just trying them out.. but not taking them to where i could potentially. it’s like i want to leave something to come back to. for if i were to complete everything or abandon it all, i might be bored. and i fear that boredom, for it could lead to something unknown. my life could totally transform in that unknown, though i’m not sure i’m […]

Live for the experience of living.

The past days, weeks, who know exactly how long, I’ve been contemplating if all the little creative projects I’d been wanting to do even mattered in the least bit. Today I feel [without the urge to photograph it all]. I can appreciate the moments without having to capture or grasp them all. There is an abundance of beautiful moments — each single one is beautiful!

today i wrote this

it was quite brilliant

a test of the new writing app

so i no longer need a non-functional app on my phone

and i can post entries directly to my journal with gps data

a desire of mine is to be able to understand all perspectives, yet only live or experience the ones i like. a dilemma, or contradiction, yes i know. perhaps even why the world is in the state it is in today.

There are no differences but differences of degree between different degrees of difference and no difference.

- William James