2012 September

still thinking about the oneness meditation tonight and how it manifested. i mean what are the chances that it happens to be held in a fairly small town area where i happen to be tonight when i just thought to check it last night? it’s pretty funny to think it’s merely coincidence. and how much of life people tend to write off as coincidence. the part i’m not quite sure about is did i manifest it? by wanting to go […]

Back in business and ready to roll on with the adventure! I heard back from Mike at Xtreme Campers who suggested I try the gfi switch and found a knob/switch under the power distribution box that did the trick! [I now have power!] I wondered what that was there for when I first saw it a while ago though forgot to ask. I’m grateful it’s working again as although I could manage with not having power to the fridge, the […]

Life on a campground seems interesting. I checked in yesterday at noon and am only here for two nights, though think I could do this for a little bit to see how it goes. Stay for a couple nights then go travel elsewhere and stay another couple nights, etc. Though this area has some development, it is pretty quiet, and there’s some nice nature around here (cliffs and a river). The space in the truck camper is a little small, […]

Places like this make you realize that this moment is but merely a splinter in eternity.


Wow, what an adventure this is turning out to be! A second night I’ll be spending in a rest area tonight. Thankfully I found it right as I did. Otherwise, I almost would have crossed the Canadian border if I kept going not too much further! Okay, I exaggerate – but I’m not sure how easy it would have been to find a spot that I could sleep undisturbed without driving too far out of the way. It seems that […]

Wow, I have never felt such amazing beautiful, absolute silence in the world until today. When the wind stopped on Sheep Mountain Table (in the Badlands), nothing could be heard at all – no cars, no people, just perfect silence, the voice of god.

The presence is beautiful.

When the sounds of man (and the world) disappear, all that is left is god.


Manifestation is a funny thing. I was just listening to an older Wayne Dyer audio program (10 Secrets for Success & Inner Peace), and he was speaking about different levels of manifestation. Shortly after, I started looking around on the internet for spiritual communities (very briefly, didn’t do too much searching). Then, I looked at the Oneness Community events and wondered if there would be a Oneness Meditation happening somewhere along my journey on the west coast. One just manifested […]

Feeling good, excited. Almost to the west coast states. [Lots of driving is almost over and I can let go of the ‘plan’ when I get there] Lesson: don’t think of it as a process; It’s all part of the journey.

Looks like I finally got the internet hotspot connection through my phone! I just made it to Devil’s Tower. Almost didn’t come this far as I was a little tired and also didn’t want to drive in the dark and miss out on potentially interesting landscapes along the way. I’m glad I made it and decided to go [wasn’t sure if I could even get anywhere near the tower at night]. I just set up a time-lapse of the stars […]

It feels like a whole other world out here.

made it to mountain time today. was interesting to watch my emotions and frustrations when technology didn’t work as i liked, particularly my phone not being able to make a simple data request due to lack of coverage [apparently sprint service doesn’t exist in these parts – i’ve been roaming since yesterday, perhaps even since thursday – and i can’t seem to get a tethered internet connection to my macbook when roaming]. there really isn’t a whole lot out here […]

it was at one of these spots that i discovered and felt god when the wind stopped and i was left in complete silence