2020 March

below are links to some messages & meditations from various spiritual teachers about the current world pandemic:


A Message from Amma on the Coronavirus — www.amritapuri.org/79739/20corona.aum


Craig Hamilton: Spiritual Survival Skills for a World in Chaos — www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_cO0IhSA7c


Doug Bentley: In a Time Of Global Crisis – How We Can Help — www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUmCoPy2LYU


Marianne Williamson: Coronavirus Meditation — www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPACQatSP-8


Michael Milner: Interfaith Communion with the Cosmic Christ — vimeo.com/400337110

here’s the letter he refers to — www.facebook.com/kristin.flyntz/posts/3020095601354571


Mooji: Remaining True in a Time of Crisis — www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3wTOKjH3xM

Mooji: A Simple, Powerful Prayer in Challenging Times — www.youtube.com/watch?v=8sOFaT3UOg8


Preethaji & Krishnaji: Limitless Field Meditation — embed.vhx.tv/videos/774879


Sadhguru: Next 3 weeks can be the best possible time — www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2MYUkxo1gU&t=445


here are more related messages from others, though some parts may not be understood or might be seen as out there by some:


Bridget Nielsen: 5 Ways To Prepare For The Spring Equinox (March 20th – Ascension Energy Update) — www.youtube.com/watch?v=aalXM15fLs4


Gigi Young: COVID-19 (Coronavirus): The Big Picture — www.youtube.com/watch?v=3n3g5m06D1E


Heather / Activation Vibration: Energy Update: PANDEMIC PARADIGM SHIFT — www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cu5HBEbp0wY


Polona Aurea Dawn: Collective & planetary reset points — www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZ_QkdhJCfs


it is up to us to choose to live in harmony with the planet. by collectively changing our relationship with earth, we’ll create a healthier world where both humanity and nature can thrive.

#nature #goldenhour #water #river #aerial #flying #dji #mavic #mini #rc #quadcopter #drone #aerialphotography #dronephotography #mavicmini #aerialvideo #dronevideo #birdseyeview #lookingdown #fromabove #sunset .. low res preview video clips sped up (some by a lot) to fit in #instagram sixty second limit, with trimming and filters applied in dji #fly app.
remember, especially in times of fear and chaos, that our perception makes all the difference, and our emotions can greatly alter what we see. if you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed, uncertain, worried, or anything else, take some time to sit with whatever you’re feeling. it may be difficult at first, though once you let go of any resistance, you’ll begin to work through it, and that uneasy feeling will soon dissolve. meditating, embracing whatever you’re feeling, or a quiet walk in nature can help you return to a place of calm and peace. from there, you can clearly see and know all will be okay.

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sometimes the best things in life are the simplest.  relax, and allow yourself to take it all in.

#sunset #yesterday [2020.03.09] #bikeride #park #lake #water #clouds #nature #beauty #florida #dusk #sky #reflection .. #rokinon12mm #wideangle #lens on #sony #a5000 #mirrorless camera
the most important thing anyone can do right now is to step out of any fear and panic, and step into a place of peace and calm.  meditation or a quiet walk in nature can be quite healing.  if there are any strong emotional feelings arising, learn to love them, embrace them, and let go of any resistance towards them (as you quietly sit with them and feel them), so that they may be fully experienced and permanently dissolved.  when you are able to return to a natural state of silence and peace, spend some time to sit quietly and envision the beautiful new world you want to see.  do this regularly, at least once a day.  give much more attention, energy, and time to imagining and feeling what you want to see unfold in the world, rather than constantly looking for media updates of (the often negative news of) what's happening.

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during the current quarantine and business closure, let this be a time to reflect, meditate, and go deeply within to feel whatever emotions, fears, or other feelings may be lingering. sitting quietly with whatever it is you’re feeling is one of the most healing things you can do, both for yourself and for the collective consciousness of humanity. internally experience and let go of any old hurts, resistances, judgments, blaming, worries, anger, self-righteousness, the mind’s need for control, and anything else that is no longer serving you or anyone else. by releasing the past and any conditioning or emotional charges (that you are constantly creating the present and future with), you open the door for miracles to unfold in your life and in this reality.

also, let this be a time where we can see a glimpse of vision of our future, as some things happening now will be a part of the new world that is unfolding before us (though don’t worry, the whole fear and worry (and anything to be afraid of) will cease as we collectively awaken).

with less need for humans to work (as more things are automated and/or more people awakening to realize our connection to each other), we’ll all start to see funds being dispersed like most of us in this country will soon be receiving (but on a consistent + regular basis in the future). eventually all need for money (or trade) will cease to exist.

with this consistent universal basic income, people will be less stressed (and more healthy) in not needing to worry about survival.

with self-driving automation and/or less people commuting to a job, there will be no traffic delays on the roads like we currently see.

with more free time, people will be more relaxed and able to spend time quietly meditating or with those that they love (or doing what they feel called to).

as people awaken and realize what really matters in life and/or find themselves more relaxed & at ease, unnecessary consumerism & materialism will disappear.

with more people at ease and having their basic needs met, human suffering will be at its lowest point ever and all violence will cease.

with humanity awakened, relaxed, and living with a compassionate & open heart, all forms of competition and conflict will cease to exist.

with less traffic on the road & less consumption and/or a continued shift toward cleaner energy technologies, we’ll all be able to walk outside and breathe in fresh, clean, healthy air wherever we are on the planet.

with less pollution from less internal combustion engine vehicles on the road (and the upcoming complete transition to all electric vehicles), less pollution from reduction (and soon removal) of all fossil fuel energy production, and less pollution than the excessive goods production & human consumption we’ve known, balance will be restored to the planet, and earth itself along with all its inhabitants (humans, plants, and animals) will thrive and live in perfect peace & harmony with each other.

with a complete transition to renewable energy, simplified & reduced manufacturing, and environmentally-friendly agriculture & permaculture, the land, sky, and water will all be clearer & more beautiful, and we’ll see a significant reduction in natural disasters/reactions of any kind.

as all people & nations come together (letting go of any previous differences) and live in harmony with each other and the planet, we’ll see governments, corporations, banks, military, and all other systems of control (that were created by the fearful mind) fall away & completely dissolve, creating space for a much more brilliant new global society to emerge, one where all beings may equally thrive as co-inhabitants of an abundant earth.

with the awakening and enlightenment of the entire collective consciousness of humanity, we will see all of these and so many more beautiful changes that many cannot even yet imagine. new possibilities to improve all of life will continue to naturally evolve and unfold before us. it will truly be a magnificent time to be alive and experience all the beauty that we can collectively create when living from a divinely inspired place.

i decided to go back again to clearwater beach yesterday before it closed.  i walked north, almost all the way to caladesi island, and got some nice shots.  there were more than these, though the old iphone i’m using for the mavic mini didn’t have enough space to keep the previews, so i’ll have to download them off the microSD card later.  the fifth shot is sped up by 3.5x to fit into the instagram sixty second limit.  the filters are from the dji fly app (where the shots were cut from the low resolution preview video file). #flying #dji #mavic #mini #rc #quadcopter #drone #sunset #yesterday #beach #clearwaterbeach #florida #natural #beauty #birdseyeview #aerial #lookingdown #fromabove #dronephotography #aerialphotography #mavicmini #dronevideo #aerialvideo #sand #island #nature #water #gulf #goldenhour #landscape
last monday, on the drive furthest north in my #electriccar [2020.03.02] .. some shots i quickly picked out on the phone from the timed interval shots i got, and edited in the #instagram #ios app.. black and white looked much better than color in the bad light (and could really look better if i were to spend more time to edit these on the computer) .. #nature #aerial #fromabove #lookingdown #water #florida #trees #flying #dji #mavic #mini #rc #quadcopter #drone #dronephotography #aerialphotography #blackandwhitephotography #overcast #cloudy #blackandwhite #bw #monochrome #grayscale #greyscale #planet #earth
relax, be still, and discover the beautiful inner peace within.

#sunset #nature #park #clouds #sky #water #lake #relax #meditate #heal #peace
remember, the outer world is a reflection of what's happening inside.  the more of us that dive deep within and face and feel the fears or emotions we've been resisting, the sooner we'll see a change of what's being projected onto the movie screen of reality.  if we don't like what's playing, all we need to do is change the channel by shifting how we're feeling internally, in consciousness.

while we still ought to stay somewhat aware of the world around us, the more energy or attention we continue to give any given thing or circumstance we're seeing, the more of it will continue to show up.  instead of feeding something we may not want, take that time to sit quietly, meditate, and deeply feel what's going on within.  fully embrace whatever feelings or emotions may arise, even if they're ones you may not want. [by doing so, you are loving and accepting all aspects yourself (and the world) as they are.  it is only through this unconditional love that we can truly grow.]

by letting go of the resistance and completely surrendering into whatever it is you're feeling, you'll allow yourself to fully experience it within.  upon doing so, you will be free of it, and through its release it will cease projection onto the outer world.  this inner healing work can be quite miraculously, both individually and for the collective consciousness of humanity.  as enough of us continue to awaken and heal, we'll see big miracles and shifts in our life experience here on earth.

#writing #feeling #healing #growth #awakening #consciousness #reflection #world #clouds #sky #lookingup #nature #earth #love
#yesterday #beach #water #aerial #sand #island #nature #afternoon #goldenhour #flying #dji #mavic #mini #rc #quadcopter #drone #aerialphotography #dronephotography #aerialvideo #dronevideo #lookingdown #fromabove #birdseyeview .. a few quick previews of video clips i shot yesterday at #clearwaterbeach #florida. these were trimmed with filters applied in the dji fly app (which works better than doing so in the instagram app). no tone adjustments or anything else was done to the low resolution videos (these were the backup copies that the app saves over wifi during the flight, rather than downloading the big original files from the sd card), other than speeding up 2 or 3 of them by 1.5x or 2x so they could fit within the 60 second instagram limit. i may stop posting to instagram as facebook is deprecating the old api that allowed me to automatically download all my posts to my website. i may have a workaround, though if it doesn’t work, look for new content on my website instead of here.

here’s everywhere i’ve gone since i purchased my first electric car. i just did the furthest drive north yesterday. i had planned it out, and then some days later was curious how many days i had driven my car and it just happened to work out that yesterday was going to be 250 days of driving, counting times i got back home after midnight as part of the day i left (so i posted this map today rather than wait until next month when its been a year since i bought the car).

since i’ve had it, i’ve put on quite a number of miles in doing the long drives to make this map more interesting.. in just under 11 months i’ve driven almost as many miles as i did in the whole time i owned my van (22+ months) and car (30+ months) before that. i’ll see how close i actually get in the coming weeks, though am guessing i won’t quite make it as i’d need to drive around 75 miles every day to drive as much as i did the whole time owning the van.. though it’s much easier to drive more miles electrically when the fuel cost is so low. my average efficiency the whole time has been just under 5.5 mi/kWh. my total fuel cost per mile (including a small balance i still have on a public charger network) has averaged to 1.9 cents per mile [15772 miles for $300 isn’t too bad.. that’s essentially driving for a whole year on what 3 fill-ups of gas cost on the truck i used to have]. if i hadn’t gotten any electricity from free public chargers (and had paid at home for those kWh used instead), my average cost would’ve only been 2.7 cents per mile (still much less than what gas would cost, especially considering the maintenance costs on an electric car are practically non-existent). insurance has cost at least 20% less on my electric car than on my past three vehicles. and my total cost per mile to own the electric car is looking pretty good.. later this year (unless i barely drive it) my total cost per mile to own the car will be less than what the total cost per mile was for any of my previous three vehicles after i sold them [and this lower cost per mile will be when i still own my car! meaning that even if i gave the car away, the total cost per mile to drive it and have owned it will be less than it was for the other vehicles. part of this is as i bought this car used, though the lower operating costs make a big difference too. even if one bought a new electric car, the overall total cost to own it is going to end up less than in a car with internal combustion engine].

electric cars just make so much more sense: financially, environmentally, and experientially.

just a couple hours ago i found out that ford is going to be selling an electric version of their transit van here in the u.s. for the 2022 model year. this is really great news to see electric vans soon to be available here (as no major manufacturer was offering anything for sale here yet). i’ve been watching whats available in electric vehicles and have been waiting for a while now for an electric van option. it’s funny i randomly heard about it, as i was just thinking about an electric van a little earlier (as really working well for my needs).. and yesterday on the long drive north i had noticed more extended length versions of transit van on the road in one day than i had ever before [perhaps this was as the night before i just watched a youtube video by a couple (rolling vistas) who were talking about building out an extended length transit they custom ordered, and i was thinking of different camper build layouts]. hopefully this announcement will motivate other manufacturers to also offer electric vans (and other vehicle segments) sooner.

its also funny to hear about the transit release now, as despite this being quite exciting news, i’m actually not super excited.. part of me must’ve surrendered attachment to outcome (which allowed this to manifest into my reality).. i’ve seen many times how things have just shown up the moment i stop caring or worrying or thinking about them so much.. i think i accepted where i was at more and was feeling done with this whole project of doing these really long drives that take all day (since my car has a small battery and doesn’t have fast charging capability) and was ready to just post this map and move on (and with other things in life too, i was also ready to move forward). some might say this may just be a coincidence, though i’ve seen that the further one goes down this path, the more one will realize there are no mere coincidences. i knew electric vans would come here eventually (and was quite tired of waiting how long it’d be), but then when i let go of some attachment and came into the present moment more, official news just happens to be released that they’re on the way here. anyhow, i could write more about this but won’t go too far off on a tangent as that wasn’t the original intent of this post.

i hope this map can inspire others to see how far one can go in an electric car, even one that wasn’t intended to go this far with its small battery capacity. electric cars already exist with much bigger batteries (and fast charging) that one can easily drive across the country. electric vehicles are the future, and are the best choice today for anyone purchasing (or leasing) a vehicle.

update: upon looking more closely at a more detailed version of the map, i just noticed that there are minor errors in the gps data, where there appears to be a little line going slightly northwest from downtown ocala when i didn’t go there. the gps logger wasn’t getting a signal in the parking garage where i was charging and must’ve gotten incorrect data. at the scale you see here, its barely noticeable (and i imagine its possible there might also be other minor errors in the map data).