2004 May
Brooker Creek?

too much information too little time too much dispersion absurd junctures of thought time emotion

Courtney Campbell Causeway
Courtney Campbell Causeway

its about the slow/minute revelations of (my) mental disturbances


ambiguous desires

My second solo show, at Centre Gallery.

Please note, onelostdream.com no longer exists. My only web site is: markmarano.com

Images of the gallery installation:

The postcard:

The artist statement (I actually came up with this earlier in the year though thought it would work for this exhibition):

The press release:

The poster:

An artist card with one of the untitled road series / ambiguous desires images that I later made:

daily hours spent within the concrete machine, surrounded entirely by unnaturalities .. slowly driven to chaotic insanity through society’s progressions and mother earth’s demise
it does not exist you merely appear in the conglomerate juncture between the void and your mind
Courtney Campbell Causeway
Courtney Campbell Causeway

significant details lost in ambiguous routine moments

can i ever help me? i know you can’t
Courtney Campbell Causeway
lost conversations no recollection broken memory drained obsession beyond hope no contemplation void gone awry