i just sold my van yesterday, here’s a map of everywhere i drove in the time i had it

this is a map of my journey this summer to chicago and the rest of the 48 contiguous states i hadn’t yet been to in my truck and camper.

the trip from chicago to maine and back to florida wasn’t quite as epic as my journey last fall. this one was 4680.4 miles in just under 3 weeks. getting from florida to chicago was only 1373.6 miles in 5 days, though i stayed in chicagoland much longer than originally intended. the whole round trip including time and driving around chicagoland was 6563.5 miles in 9 weeks. i took my truck and camper across the border to canada for the first time to go to roosevelt campobello international park. i ended up sleeping in a parking lot near the lighthouse at the northern tip of the island as someone i met up there (who was towing a camper) told me the locals said it was fine and there were no signs indicating against it. i had met someone else in the park at the southern tip of the island who told me about that lighthouse location which i didn’t know about before. perhaps i’ll take a trip to all the provinces of canada and alaska in the upcoming years..

‎…I felt like I could say one thing to one person, and a different thing to another, all at the same time. Like one person would pick up on one part of the communication, and the other would pick up on the second part, without either knowing it. Its like I could sneak in an extra message subliminaly. And it was because I didn’t want to say what I was really feeling, so I’d have someone else say it instead […]

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[a 1732.6 mile journey]

this is a map of the journeys i’ve taken in my truck camper in the first year, month, and week [minus a day] that i’ve had it. the yellow stars are where i went in the first year, and the red line is where i drove the following 5 weeks. now, i just gotta take it to tennessee, kentucky, and the northeast to have gone through all the continental us!


this is everywhere i’ve been when traveling in my truck camper since i got it. a couple of places (mostly around florida) may be missing as i didn’t track it all in the beginning, and some routes might be slightly off as some gps data was missing [the lines on the map that are straight without any curves probably aren’t the exact route i took, but rather the average from one point to another further away when the gps location was saved].

If my words say one thing yet my feelings another, all I have to do is match both up to really be effective at communication. Just gotta implement that simple fix… speak authentically and others will truly feel it and understand.. the actual words say very little except to the mind that attempts to interpret them. But the mind is limited to its own filters and limited perceptions. It will never feel it like the heart. Only the heart can truly understand.