i just made it to all 48 contiguous states in my truck and camper! [and its not even 22 months since i got both the truck and camper!]

maine is quite beautiful. even the interstate was beautiful! there were no billboards on the whole part i drove! absolutely amazing to see the roadway left so pristine and natural. a great model for everywhere else to follow. roads should be natural places – parkways that one can enjoy and be at peace while traveling from one place to another, rather than being bombarded by messages trying to sell you something. the small road i took north, route 11, was […]

pondering.. what really is the best use of my talents? after seeing the video again about Amma’s humanitarian efforts, i began thinking about what could i best be doing to help the world. i envision an amazing future for humanity. as everyone continues to awaken, we are going to see brilliant changes in society, how we treat each other, and how we treat mother nature. i know it’s going to happen, and it’s going to be amazing, though what can […]


i made it to the easternmost point (of the united states) this morning and am on my way south from maine to florida on highway 1 -- if you live on/near the coast and want to meet up, drop me a line.

on my way to maine from chicago, i took a slight detour and went to the last day of the Amma program in New England. it is absolutely amazing how she can sit in the same spot giving Darshan for over 12 hours (the Atma Puja ceremony + meditation for world peace began at 7pm last night and the Devi Bhava program didn’t end this morning until around 11 am! i walked around, ate more than once, took a nap, [...]

You can know reality only when you are astonished.

- Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

what an incredible experience the last week or two has been! life is amazing when one allows it to flow!

i’ve been having some great conversations with people i just met and some that i’ve known for a while though hadn’t really conversed with. lots of amazing connections and understandings have come up. i was originally only going to be up in chicagoland for 2-3 weeks and was wanting to get on the road soon for my trip to the [...]