the pen story from back when the olympus e-p1 was launched

This is the PEN Story in stop motion. We shot 60.000 pictures, developed 9.600 prints and shot over 1.800 pictures again. No post production! Thanks to all the stop motion artists who inspired us. We hope …

Mark Marano is glad that Florida's finally made it to spring after the long, cruel 2-week winter!

i’m beginning to know, really know by experience what this all means.. everything i’ve been learning has brought me to this point, whatever that means.. i know it all yet sometimes i forget, and often i fail to act upon it. that’s why it occurs the way it does, though it’s all improving, and getting better, and why am i looking at it like that? is that not a part of the problem? have i really been caught up so […]


i’m beginning to understand why i often battled between the experience and the documentation thereof, in my artwork.. i’m realizing what i somehow always knew, though just forgot, at a certain level.. everything is perfect. there is no need to strive for perfection. the documentation thereof is only a perspective, and in no way, can replace the truth of the actual experience. everyone will perceive differently, and the truth to one may not be the truth to the other. one […]

as i awake today, my curiosity continues, as i realize i was able to observe myself, in a sense, doing things the night before last.. realized how much i only talk about the technical aspects of things it seems…and how it seems to shift the energy of others in the conversation.. is it that i don’t know how to relate to them or the idea otherwise? i am interested, though just don’t have the experience to relate.. the voices (either […]