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This is a detailed tour + demo of the Keystone pop-up truck camper I had custom built by Four Wheel Campers in 2011. I go over all of the built-in features, custom added equipment, and modifications/hacks/tweaks I made to it. It is currently available for sale (in Florida) with a custom built dolly and tripod jacks. If you’d like to purchase it (or know someone who does), you can reach me by sending me a message at the following link:


Here’s a link to a very long, detailed article I wrote about why I chose this camper and truck after doing lots of research on various rv options:


Here’s an interview I did with Truck Camper Magazine about my journeys in this truck camper:


At these links you’ll find videos of my 72 day “life on the road” journey out west, from Chicagoland to California and then to Florida:

Here’s a faster version of all those videos combined into one:

Here are just the time-lapses (mostly of the stars) from the videos:

This is a time-lapse video of the removal of the bolted-down camper from the truck:


More I’ve written about my truck camper and photos can be found here:

Sped-up 1 minute instagram versions of the truck camper life on the road videos can be found at the following link along with some writing about each day:


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here are details of the price and components it has:


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