the last shot with my #ricoh #theta #360 #degree camera.  this image was at the beginning of a time-lapse sequence which was lost at sea (along with a couple of others i had shot recently and not yet downloaded). unfortunately the camera had a plastic tripod mount, which failed over the course of making images a few weeks ago.  i had come up with a couple of ways to rig it and mount it in its current state (as i hadn't heard back if the mount failure was covered under warranty or not), and apparently the waves last night were a little too much as the camera must have fallen off into the gulf of mexico (and from where i was sitting 150ft away it was difficult to tell if the camera was still sitting on top of the pole as it got dark when the sun went down and people walked between me and the camera). i went back this morning for the next low tide and there was no sign of it washing up nor sitting anywhere at the bottom of the surrounding water.  if anyone finds a Ricoh Theta 360 camera in (or near) Indian Rocks Beach, please contact me (or turn it in to the Public Services at City Hall as they have my phone number). although the camera is likely beyond repair, i'd still like a chance to salvage the images if it were to turn up.  the serial number is XL00110415

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@theta360official please make the next version of the Ricoh Theta camera with a metal tripod mount!
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tagged location: Indian Rocks Beach - 15Th Avenue
uploaded to instagram: 2015-04-03 19:21:55 UTC