remember, it's okay if things don't go as planned or aren't as perfect as one desires.

this isn't where i was originally going to go fly, though it's where i ended up.  while not all the images may be the most exciting, it was good to test #flying with a bit of a breeze (and it was also good to use manual exposure for the first time on the #dji #mavic #mini, which certainly helped with consistency, so i was able to use all the same settings in the #instagram app when editing the photos.. any differences in color are due to there being no setting for manual white balance). i didn't fly up to near 400 ft like i had for some shots on my previous flights.. all shots here are at an altitude of 100 or 150 ft.  #mavicmini #nature #trees #water #aerial #aerialphotography #lookingdown #fromabove #florida #winter
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tagged location: East Lake, Florida
uploaded to instagram: 2020-01-18 16:23:07 UTC