its great to learn to trust your intuition and divine guidance.  back in august i started thinking about selling my custom rig to shoot 360x180 degree time-lapse photos, though had thoughts about still wanting to keep it to be able to create long exposure 360x180 timelapses, despite not having used the rig in years.  the day after the motor and custom panorama head arrived at the dealer i was selling it to Ricoh announced the latest version of their 360x180 degree camera, the Theta S, and it had the capability to do long exposures!! trust your feelings.  the divine is always guiding you perfectly in the direction you are meant to go.  sometimes it takes a leap of faith to step into an unknown and often as soon as you do that you’ll find what you’re looking for on the other side.  i pre-ordered my Theta S a couple weeks ago and it just arrived in the mail today.  here’s the first long exposure “little planet” i’ve shot with it.  i look forward to creating night little planet time-lapses with this camera.  i’m so grateful for no longer having to carry around such a heavy rig to be able to create these images!

faith and perseverance with an element of surrender go a long way in manifesting your reality.  i started researching and developing ways to create this sort of image 6.5 years ago and never imagined it’d be so simple to be able to create this unique look back then.  once i experimented, designed, and got my custom rig working, i did start to envision being able to have a simpler way of creating the time-lapses though saw any sort of camera system that could do so either didn’t exist or would cost as much as a small car.  letting it go and forgetting about it for a while created the space for it to show up years later!

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