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may this new year be one of great awakening for many more in the collective consciousness, in a natural & effortless way (that doesn’t require any external control, authority, or restrictions to act as the trigger or motivation).

may the hearts of all of humanity (especially those whom are in any position of influence / authority / leadership / control / etc) flower and be filled with unconditional love & peace & connection to others.

may we all naturally live in peace & harmony with each other and the planet.

may any public servant do exactly that: provide service to humanity, through love and kindness (rather than through power, authority, control, rules, restrictions, force, etc, etc).

may love and light radiate through each one of us, at all times, directly from the highest divine source.

may all of our eyes open to brilliant new divine perspectives some may have never imagined possible. may we see this brilliance unfold on earth. (may this brilliance be one not of grand spectacles, but one of a deeper sense of peace, presence, and vividness in the simplicity of what is.)

may we all be healed (in all dimensions, aspects, relationships, etc), and may we all be clear conduits for divine grace to pour through us.

may we all see clearly through the lies and fear being imposed on humanity, and may all those external influences fully dissolve (and may all manipulations be eradicated) from the planet.

may all of humanity live in perfect health, well-being, abundance, and peace.

may all charges, triggers, resistances, unresolved emotions, pain, suffering, programming and conditioning, conscious and unconscious, that no longer serve us or are not aligned with our highest truth, be fully healed, cleared, and removed from our being. may we all live fully in the peace of the present moment.

may only unconditional love, light, and peace be manifest on earth.

may the era of great awakening unfold (and persist) today, here and now.

may only the highest divine light shine through each of us.


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it was a very nice, relaxing drive, especially once i got to the beach, which had little traffic. the cooler temperature, mostly empty beach islands, and peaceful feeling in the air were quite beautiful and serene. the drive through the beach islands felt like i was in another part of florida (or the country) with quiet, remote, empty beach towns. there was also less pollution which was very nice to be able to breathe in the fresh air more easily (when i wasn’t by gas or diesel vehicles).. when going over the bayside bridge, i looked out the left window, and the tampa skyline (15 miles away) appeared more clear & crisp than i had ever seen it before.

also, knowing that the camera was running automatically let me relax and just focus on the present moment, rather than needing to also concentrate on photographing what i saw during the drive (and i wasn’t able to connect back to it via wifi for some reason a little bit into the drive, so just forgot about double checking that it was still running and the images were looking good). i recall a similar thought or feeling over a decade ago, when i set up long term time-lapses / webcams to photograph the nice view from a high rise apartment i lived in for a year. it was nice to know that the photography was happening automatically and i could spend my time and energy just being present. some automation is nice so one can relax into the presence and be more in the awe & beauty of the moment, fully embracing the experience. i recall this dilemma even further back, 15+ years ago, when i was feeling that one could either live in the present moment or photograph/document the experience, but couldn’t really do both. anyhow, i look forward to when all vehicles are electric so there will be no pollution in the air and one can fully enjoy the fresh, natural air when driving with the windows open. it’s nice that we can now have a glimpse of what our future will look like with less pollution. i hope this time inspires many more people to realize what changes we need to make to improve our experience here on earth. i also look forward to when autonomous full self driving technology is complete and legal to use, so one can have a deeper sense of relaxation and more fully embrace the beauty of the surrounding landscape when going for a ride, without the need to concentrate at all on operating the vehicle.

all still images were shot at iso 60, 1/128 shutter speed, and a custom white balance, at an interval of one shot every 3 seconds, and the video is rendered at 10 fps. it looks like the very thin filter i used is quite reflective and/or perhaps slightly bent.. i’ll need to work on a solution for the strange glare its producing when the sunlight is on it for better results. seeing this issue, i rather quickly adjusted a couple images in lightroom and copy/pasted all the same basic settings to every image, and then gave the beginning images (when driving south) slightly different settings to compensate a bit for the glare that showed up in most frames in that direction. it’s by no means perfect, as the light shifted depending on which direction i was going and when i drove in & out of the shade (and as the sun started to dip toward the horizon later in the drive), though i didn’t want to go through all 4552 frames to tweak them (as originally i was going to post this on instagram which has very high compression and it would’ve been sped up to a minute to be able to post it there).. it looks like youtube’s re-compression lost a bit of the contrast and detail too, as it looks noticeably worse (softer, with muddy contrast) playing it back on youtube compared to the original file (picking the 4k setting on youtube helps, but still loses some of the fine detail of the original). anyhow, enough of the technical details.. i shot another the day after this one that i’ll be uploading next.