2022 January

may this new year be one of great awakening for many more in the collective consciousness, in a natural & effortless way (that doesn’t require any external control, authority, or restrictions to act as the trigger or motivation).

may the hearts of all of humanity (especially those whom are in any position of influence / authority / leadership / control / etc) flower and be filled with unconditional love & peace & connection to others.

may we all naturally live in peace & harmony with each other and the planet.

may any public servant do exactly that: provide service to humanity, through love and kindness (rather than through power, authority, control, rules, restrictions, force, etc, etc).

may love and light radiate through each one of us, at all times, directly from the highest divine source.

may all of our eyes open to brilliant new divine perspectives some may have never imagined possible. may we see this brilliance unfold on earth. (may this brilliance be one not of grand spectacles, but one of a deeper sense of peace, presence, and vividness in the simplicity of what is.)

may we all be healed (in all dimensions, aspects, relationships, etc), and may we all be clear conduits for divine grace to pour through us.

may we all see clearly through the lies and fear being imposed on humanity, and may all those external influences fully dissolve (and may all manipulations be eradicated) from the planet.

may all of humanity live in perfect health, well-being, abundance, and peace.

may all charges, triggers, resistances, unresolved emotions, pain, suffering, programming and conditioning, conscious and unconscious, that no longer serve us or are not aligned with our highest truth, be fully healed, cleared, and removed from our being. may we all live fully in the peace of the present moment.

may only unconditional love, light, and peace be manifest on earth.

may the era of great awakening unfold (and persist) today, here and now.

may only the highest divine light shine through each of us.


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