Along the causeway in Howard Park as I work on re-coding a new WordPress template for this web site. The sky and feeling in the air after sundown was absolutely amazing and perfectly calm..

Here’s a snapshot with the phone camera while scouting out a location for the shot..

Forgot to consider if the tide would rise when setting this up.. I’m glad I set the camera low enough for an interesting shot yet still a couple/few inches higher than where the tide did rise to!

Next shot will be from a higher angle.. much higher than this when I get a very tall tall tripod in the future..

From the house..

A couple time-lapses at Sunset Park in Tarpon Springs later in the afternoon..

While working at the Panera with Joe in Fort Myers..


Working on Lake Tarpon at one of the benches on the walkway behind the dog park in John Chestnut Park..

On the drive to John Chestnut Park and from the car while listening to an audio program by Gregg Braden

A couple shots at the house while I worked on finishing adding features to a web application. It’s beautiful to be able to work from wherever I desire, whenever I desire (within limits of deadlines!). I urge you all to do what you love to do! Don’t work just for the money or survival! Go out, explore, do what you love – there are plenty of opportunities to make a living doing what you desire. If you feel you can’t […]

A couple time-lapses after too much sushi in North Fort Myers with Joe, at a small park area just off of S Tamiami Trail, looking at the water toward Midpoint Bridge (way in the background) All you can eat sushi was a bad idea! :)