2012 March

hmm, looks like winds approaching 20 mph are too much to have the extension pole on the tall stand fully extended to 25 feet (without additional support from bracing, sand bags, or stakes)… [the part after it fell over is from 15 feet high]



a view from the camera 25 feet in the air.. funny the attention it draws.. looks like I’ll have to arrive early so I can level the stand better next time! [it was a little windy hence the jerkiness in the rotation, though it does give an interesting effect.. note the camera strap near the beginning!]  

my sister and I went to John Chestnut Park to fly kites.. the old kite we found sitting in the garage didn’t work too well, though I was able to get some nice shots over the trees with my levitation delta kite.. it’s amazing to look at the world from new perspectives. from above, the trees coming out of the earth start to look like they are all one large living organism. [the tops of the trees look like like […]


a success! looks like little to no real damage was sustained last week.. saw lightning developing in that big cloud.. here’s my first use of the gopro suction cup mount on the ride back trying to catch some bolts in the shot [though only getting a little intra-cloud lightning]