here’s a map of everywhere i drove my first electric car, a 2016 fiat 500e, the entire time i had it:

excluding the test drive before buying it, i drove a total of 32711 miles (actually a little less if i were to determine + subtract the very small amount it was driven when i had dropped it off for service), and i averaged 5.56 mi/kWh overall in energy efficiency (or 187.4 MPGe if comparing to gasoline cars). including charging at public chargers (mostly free, and a little paid) and charging at home, my total average cost for electricity was 1.93 cents per mile. counting all the expenses (including purchasing the car, insurance, registration, service, electricity, etc) and subtracting the proceeds from selling the car, my total cost to own the car was an average of 25.55 cents per mile (much lower than the previous few vehicles i’ve owned, and i think even lower than the car i kept for nearly 150k miles that i don’t have the records for).

all of the long drives were done in a single day, with the exception of one drive in which i left my car overnight at a dealer (in the greater orlando area) where i almost bought a van from (and then i went on a longer drive the next day when i picked up my car — however the entire route over both days could’ve been done in a very long single day).

overall the experience was great, and i miss my little buddy that i went on all these adventures with. however, it didn’t really make sense to keep two vehicles, and i needed something with more room that i could go further with. the long and really long drives were a bit ridiculous, literally taking all day when slowly driving specific routes and waiting many hours to charge (as the car didn’t have fast charging capability). i did look at if it would even be possible to drive across the country, to say, chicagoland with my car, and it would’ve taken close to four whole days of alternating between driving and charging (and trying to sleep inside the tiny car while waiting for it to charge wouldn’t have been ideal). it’s good to know that today, with not very many public chargers yet in most places, that even a car with a small battery could make it that far if one really wanted to do the drive.

i look forward to seeing what unfolds in the coming years as more electric vehicles become readily available for purchase. my next vehicle will likely be an electric truck or an electric van, depending on how long of a range the van has and how far the truck can tow an enclosed trailer (and if solar charging or range extender options are available). it will be exciting to be able to travel (and live full-time in some form of tiny home on wheels) fully electrically in the future. for now, i will enjoy the efficient tiny van that i bought the other day, which will allow me to explore all around florida in the winter and go somewhere cooler in the summer.