2011 May

Went on a bike ride earlier today.. here are some shots from the Illinois Prairie Path.. what a beautiful day today was in Chicagoland! As soon as I woke up, I could feel a great warm energy all around.. what a turn around from the past couple days that were cold and gray! Everything looked and felt so alive today!


here’s a reverse little planet, a stereographic tunnel.. some stitching errors are visible in this one (the wind was blowing constantly and was pretty strong so the clouds in the last shot were in a different position in the sky than in the first shot and couldn’t align properly) here’s the first take on the top shot (before I decided to slow the frame rate down to compensate for the wind)..

Watched the sunset from Dunedin Causeway and read a little more of I: Reality and Subjectivity before going to see the late showing of I AM the documentary..

Stopped by the Mobbly Bayou Preserve in Oldsmar on the way back from seeing my friends Mark & Colleen..


and another perspective..

and another shot as the little planet fades out..