2011 July

It feels great to be alive. I just feel this beautiful energy running in me. It’s a little excitement, it’s a little love, it’s a little indescribable. It’s from an amazing weekend! Friday night went to the Kirtan concert, Saturday went to a Bodhi then hung out with Matt, Meredith, Maggie, and Amira, and then rode my bike to shoot this time-lapse at a spot Maggie suggested at the end of North Avenue Beach (somehow I never knew about this [...]

Here are a couple shots off the roof of Joe’s building..    

An infrared shot out Matt’s office window..

Here’s a view of the late afternoon / sunset during my cousin Stephen’s wedding.. After a couple/few overcast and rainy days, the skies opened up earlier in the day..

Clouds passing over the pool deck while working..


out the window at Kevin’s apartment in Logan Square..

I drove over to Kenyon Farms County Forest Preserve today.. here’s a short shot riding with Joe over to Al’s Cafe in downtown Elgin.. We learned a little history about Elgin from our waiter.. apparently there are underground tunnels downtown with the old storefronts from before the road was raised..

another day working at joe’s.. this is what it looks like out the front door, next to my computer desk here..

Going to Rockford Airport.. I love the feel of a small airport that you can easily park and get to to terminal in practically no time.. Also being in a more rural area is so nice to feel nature around you.. this was much more relaxing than going to O’Hare or Midway.. Here’s the ride back from St. Peterburg / Clearwater Airport.. there was such a great energy in the air.. it felt like it had just rained and all […]

Driving over to see my friends Kevin and Jon in Logan Square..


went to read at the park across the street from joe’s..

Driving back to Elgin after staying at my friend Matt’s in Chicago for the weekend.. We attended the Bodhi Spiritual Center over in Lincoln Park.

I was ready early so took a drive through the country on the way to St. Petersburg / Clearwater airport.. I was gonna go to a park right near Rockford airport after I arrived back though didn’t find it easily so decided to take the country roads back to Elgin.. the land is nice and open just a couple miles west of Elgin.. (yes, the camera battery died in the middle of this shot)

Had dinner with my friend Bethany at Frenchy’s Salt Water Cafe..