New Mexico

here are maps of most of where i’ve driven in the past decade.

technically there are a couple lines on the map that are a few weeks more than a decade (mainly one of the low resolution lines from atlanta to north carolina then back to south carolina, missing the pieces to/from florida), however a lot of the gps data from when i had my first truck is also missing (as i didn’t really start logging it until the long trip west a little over 9 years ago (and a good bit of what was recorded back then was low resolution (sometimes just connecting a couple of saved points on the map quite far from each other), making for some long straight lines on the map that aren’t exactly precise)).

most of the lines / routes in florida were done in the last 2.5 years, with my first electric car and the tiny van i currently have (which i’ve already (a bit ridiculously) driven more miles in the first 7 months, than my first van that i had for almost 2 years, or the car before that which i had for 2.5+ years).

last month the idea came to me that i could probably set a world record for the most unique routes / miles driven in a state (at least in the least number of total days, and/or for someone who’s not a professional driver), though not sure it’s worth doing so (as it seems it’d only be promoting the ever-rampant culture of more, better, bigger, faster, etc, etc. in this line of thinking/feeling, i decided not to do another long drive or two that i was thinking of doing before rendering this map (that would’ve filled in even more of the gaps in florida)).

now that i’ve driven through most of the main roads in florida (and a number of routes to/from chicagoland), it looks like its time to start exploring new parts out west. (hopefully by next summer i’ll have a trailer, larger van, or other solution that will be much more effective (and comfortable) to live out of, so i can slow down and take my time enjoying the long journey through the wide open landscapes)