2011 April

why do we choose to suffer? all suffering really is by choice. as i was adding old photos to my website, i came across some old photos of myself though much younger. in some shots, i looked so innocent, so happy. i hadn’t created the depression for myself yet. it truly was all created. i chose to believe certain things about my experiences and others’ experiences and basically told myself i couldn’t be happy unless _____. so i kept striving […]

Decided to go over to Howard Park today to merge two photo techniques together.. long exposures (in daylight) and time-lapse photography.. interesting results.. I remember trying these two techniques over 4 years ago though my memory card dying on me.. this will be interesting to do with different subjects where there is more motion… and I’d like to shoot one in the middle of the day.. Photography techniques are a bit like cooking.. you have these different components and you […]

After seeing Melissa Brethauer play again at the Postcard Inn, something told me to go out to the beach.. Here’s a shot of some storm clouds forming and rolling in just before a downpour..

Here’s a view looking out west rather than south.. yes, a bit over-exposed as I forgot this camera that’s new to me can’t handle fast shutter speeds at large apertures!! (reminds me about the post I just wrote about getting good gear – yes, that post [...]

I saw/felt some brilliant colors forming during dinner and set up this shot right outside the front door.. [though it appears by the time i got there, i had missed the nice colors]

Biked down to Lansbrook Park today.. watched the sun set from a picnic bench area I normally don’t sit at..

I enjoy it all, here and how, always present. It really is as simple as being. That’s all it is. Be wherever you are. There’s no magic or difficulty to it – it’s only what you make of it. Life is amazing. See the miracle in it. Enjoy it. Embrace it. This is all my message has ever been about. It’s all it ever will be about When you embrace the moment you embrace god. When you let go of […]

Haven’t been biking or to see the sun set in a few days.. now that my dad is back home, I was able to go for a short ride to Lansbrook Park just before sundown..


Another experiment with a daylight long exposure time-lapse.. exposures easily get into minutes after the sun drops! A couple other more ‘normal’ time-lapses..

Biked over to Lansbrook Park after dinner (yes sounds like a routine sometimes! if I end up working all day and sundown is approaching, I hop on my bike and take the 2 mile journey over there)

I biked over to John Chestnut Park after dinner tonight.. The first spot I thought I wanted to go to had quite a few mosquitos.. I went to another nearby spot thinking maybe it’d be better, and was greeted with a much better view of this brilliant sunset sky and hardly any mosquitos!

I realize how easy it is to fall back into old habits.. Today I rode my bike out to Lansbrook Park after dinner. While sitting on the boat dock near my camera that was creating the shot below, I briefly enjoyed the moment, the now, though quickly found myself going into my head to think of what I had to do to with the web application project I just started. I noticed a girl jogging towards the dock though looked […]

A couple shots at the small park at the end of San Jose Drive in Dunedin..

Been so busy working.. I biked over to Lansbrook park again today just as the sun was setting..


Here’s a shot of the lanai..

While shooting a time-lapse of the sun setting and stars in the night sky (which still needs to be processed/uploaded here!), lightning developed in the distance..

a couple shots from the Dunedin Causeway, experimenting with exposure settings.. As the sun was going down, I finished reading the first part of The Alchemist (a great book about following your dream/heart).. it’s funny as I had a feeling in the afternoon to take my big battery pack and ac adapter for the camera, though wondered why I thought that as I figured the camera battery would be fine – and then it ran out shortly after I finally […]

Went to a couple parks in Oldsmar after helping Jon move into his new house.. I wasn’t feeling the shot I wanted at Mobbly Bayou Preserve so went to Veterans Memorial Park for the time-lapse below. It was funny, I was thinking about ending this shot and going over to the pier at R.E. Olds Park down the road, and then a minute later the camera battery died so my decision was made for me!

I took a drive out to the Dunedin Causeway after renewing my license plate today.. In these shots, you’ll see a couple guys kiteboarding.. I helped Nathaniel launch his kite shortly before setting up the first camera.. I’ll have to come back here again when the tide is going down to do a little planet shot..