it was beautiful to wake up in the middle of the night to nothing but the continuous sound of the waves of the atlantic ocean crashing into the beach

taking a short break while driving through the Ocala National Forest..

Mike at Xtreme Campers sent me over to the Oak Hollow Campground after him and Dave finished installing the camper on my truck.. I got a nice spot right by the water.. Here are a couple quick shots of it.. (yes, the first ones are unexposed as I was avoiding digging out the tripod at first)

[more photos of the camper to come soon.. I’ve been super-busy these last few days]


preparing to leave my home for a day and head back toward Tampa Bay..

decided to head north from where I slept at Lake Apopka to the Ocala National Forest and Palatka.. leaving the parking lot at Ravine State Gardens where I worked, and heading toward Crescent Beach on the east coast.. drove a little south to a spot just south of Marineland:

searching google maps, I found Lake Apopka not too far from the hotel where the Avatar Pro Course was.. after making a stop on the way there to catch up on some work, I made it to the lake just in time to shoot a few photos around sunset (still gotta upload those), and met a guy who lived nearby who loved to fish there.. After doing some more work, I decided to spend the night there as the guy I met said the park didn’t close..