i’ve always been drawn to quiet, natural, and wide-open areas of #land.  i look forward to when i live in a quiet natural area, and am glad to have rural areas and nature preserves so close by in the meantime.  a drive to or through the country is a good break when living in dense urban or suburban areas.

i was originally going to go somewhere else instead of here, then spontaneously decided to head toward the nearby country area as i wasn't quite feeling the other spot i was thinking of going to.  i actually stopped somewhere else before this preserve, but i saw a few other cars there and preferred to get shots of the empty landscape without anyone walking on the paths (and wanted to be able to concentrate undisturbed while flying with some wind). when i first got to the big grass field for parking here, there were lots of bugs and i started to leave to go fly somewhere else, though am glad i decided to stop alongside the entrance road (and it was bug-free) so i could get these images.  as it was a little breezy i only took the mavic mini on a short flight not higher than 200 ft altitude.  if one looks closely at the shot facing south one can see the tampa skyline on the horizon ~17 miles away.

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