a mini miracle today.. i was getting tired working at my friend’s office and had thought of going to the grocery store to pick up a couple of things before heading up to my hotel room. part of me was thinking i don’t need to and could just go tomorrow. though i had also thought of going to the park right up the road too. a little bit later, i noticed the light was getting to be very nice as the afternoon got later and sunset approached. i went towards the park, missed the turn, and then ended up at another park i had briefly thought of going to but think i wasn’t feeling like driving to. it ended up being quite nice, laying on the grass by some trees. i then sat there quietly for a while and then read an article that i sent a couple of friends. it was pretty dark by the time i was done reading it, and i decided sure i might as well go to the grocery store. at the grocery store i ran into someone and had a nice conversation. i was able to share some positive perspectives and hope with her. she kept talking for a while, and after listening and learning a bit about her, i felt i should tell her about monday and wednesday evenings at the flowering heart center. it didn’t come up and she almost left a couple times as the conversation was ending, though as she brought up something else, i felt that the divine in her was keeping her there and giving me another chance to tell her. shortly after, she said something about herself, i forget what exactly at the moment, and i naturally asked if she had done meditation or yoga. after that, i mentioned the meditation, sound healing, and blessing to her right down the road at the flowering heart center. it was quite nice to be able to speak so effortlessly with someone i had just met and share perspectives of how i see the world. it feels like it was a divine appointment for both of us. i’ve had resistance in sharing and connecting with others for a while and i see this becoming much simpler. a couple times since i got up here, i’ve chatted with someone else who works for my friend quite effortlessly about the beautiful world i see unfolding despite some of his views being different. earlier this afternoon i had had a little bit of a heart to heart about my role in the company with my friend who i work for and had released a little bit of emotion. a little bit before that, we had spent a little bit of time with someone else who works for him who was in a lot of pain and was resisting showing it, and we helped her release some emotion and feel better. it’s beautiful to see the divine flow and heal in different ways, unexpectedly, in ordinary encounters.

a mini miracle yesterday was that i was able to very simply perform surgery on my friend’s iMac as i needed to take a good bit of it apart in order to be able to upgrade the hard drive. i didn’t lose any screws inside and have to take it all apart again, and when i had to take out the new mounting bracket to reverse the ssd drive on it and undo a sensor i had stuck onto the new drive (as i had issues getting the new additional wire into the very tight spot), it all flowed smoothly. i didn’t get upset nor feel any bit of frustration like i might have in the past, and i didn’t tear any of the thin, delicate wires that i had to move or undo (i didn’t have to think about where they plugged back into on the motherboard.. i just naturally found the spots and remembered where they all were when it was time to put it all back together). and i was able to do so while someone was talking fairly loudly outside the conference room where i was working. it was funny to notice that the moment i stopped to think of what was happening to remember it as a miracle i could share at the meditation + blessing last night, i did have a screw or two drop and get stuck to one of the magnets or have to do a second take on getting it properly positioned in the small space it had to go. it feels like (and was another reminder) that when we stay present in the here and now, out of the mind, everything flows smoothly and the divine can work through us effortlessly. the very moment we stop to think or remember or do something else in the mind, we can slip or drop something or whatnot. i remember experiencing this weeks ago when i was walking around with a very tall pole on a wheel for a walking aerial/elevated time-lapse sequence i was photographing. the moment i went into the mind my foot would hit the wheel that was holding the pole. when i stepped back out of the mind into the presence, i naturally and effortlessly walked smoothly with it.