i just had a realization of what has manifested in my life.

i just wrote this in the last post though i write it again. it truly is amazing how things unfold when one gets on purpose!

years ago i had wanted to create a creative community and then, as i began to grow in a new direction, the idea evolved into an inspirational community or a positive life community. i was just thinking about how i had begun finding these communities and effortlessly. when i discovered the Oneness community in Chicago, my friend Matt (who i had met at the Avatar Course years ago) had introduced me to it as he knew of my interest. through the Oness community, i met many friends and had a place i could go to that felt like home. though part of me missed it when i was down in Florida. it was a little difficult for me when i’d leave as i didn’t have that down here. there is a community here and i did begin going a few times though i’d still miss my friends from Chicagoland.

recently i discovered Evolve, the Ashram of Clearwater, and have begun going to some events there and there is a nice community and feeling there. i found out about Evolve through my friend Taz who i met in the Oneness Community in Chicago.

i also have gone to a few events at First Unity in St Pete or the Wings Bookstore and there’s a nice community there. and it’s funny, as i hadn’t known about the Reiki Share until i ran into someone on the campus there who was looking for it when i was going to another event. and i think i first found out about the whole community there through one of the first Oneness Meditations years back.

its funny to see how this has all unfolded, and how all the pieces have come together. i had heard about Unity in the past though i was only told about one in Chicago when i was living in the city, though i never went at that time.

my idea of an inspirational center or community is manifesting in its own way. just by getting on purpose and following my intuition, its effortless unfolding as i begin to meet others and find events and things that i do want to participate, with others also on this path.

i don’t recall how far back it was but i remember thinking when i got back to Florida, i’d begin my own spiritual program as i didn’t really have a community or anything a couple years back. i thought i’d go out to nature, meditate, do Qi Gong, etc, etc though i never did. and now when i deliberately get on this path and decide to do so, all the pieces start to fall into place so easily.

i think i also manifested attracting the Oneness Phenomenon and Community into my life. i recall, after i had experienced awakening and shifts in my life during the Avatar Courses, i had wanted the ability to just transfer this energy to someone else. low and behold, not too long later, my friend Matt invited me to the Oneness Awakening Course. i had no idea what it was when i was going though i felt his excitement and energy about it, and decided to join him. and i discovered that i could transfer awakening to others! without thinking about it, after i had desired it, i forgot about it, and then it manifested later.

so this whole world peace thing is unfolding as well. and so is sustainability and better treatment of the environment. i see it all beginning to unfold. i’ve desired to see changes in the world, and i had a feeling and knowing that we chose peace when i was at the first Avatar Wizard Course, and i continue to see it evolving and beginning to happen. more and more of us are awakening. it may seem subtle but its making a difference. just imagine what this world is gonna be like in the future! its gonna be so amazing! it is so amazing!

also, i just found out my friend Larry that i had met at the Avatar Course years ago is now living in the town right next to me! i had no idea he was here! after speaking with Charles last night after the meditation at Evolve, he asked the right thing and i said the right thing and then he said the right words when i asked about what he had said, and that reminded me of something Larry said. i just wrote him last night and read his response back and found out he’s practically next door! its really amazing how everything unfolds in the universe. last night something Charles said reminded me of a conversation i had with my friend Marielee that i met in the Oneness Community in Chicagoland. i wrote her and mentioned that as well as a new business opportunity in the fields we’re both in. she wrote back and we’ll meet and chat about this when i’m up in town in the coming weeks. it’s so exciting to see all these little pieces come together! i’ve been thinking about other business connections i can make when i’m up there too!

part of me had been thinking of what do i want to do, where do i want to go, do i need to go somewhere else, will i spend the whole summer up in chicago again, do i want to meet a girl and begin a relationship, do i want to travel again, do i want to move to hawaii, etc, etc. though now i see so much occuring here. and more and more i realize i’m in a really good place. i mean, perhaps my condo isn’t 100% exactly what i want, but the area is great, the nature nearby is great, so many parks and beautiful spots by the water, and now i’m beginning to engage in communities and find others on a similar path right here! and i’m beginning to change how i see the condo too! it really isn’t bad and although i’d like my own lot of land and a more natural setting, there’s so much nature and beauty nearby that its fine for now!

life is amazing!

see the joy in life. every day! no matter what you’re going through! learn to find bliss or gratitude in something. it begins there. it all will evolve from where you are. find the peace within. allow the divine to shine through you. if you are missing that connection, then work on it. embrace it. let go of the resistance. let go of the struggle. let go of the suffering. all that hard stuff is all optional. life is effortless and flows with ease when you are on purpose, on your path, connected with your source!

it’s all in perfect order! there’s no way it cannot be! it’s awesome, amazing, inspirational, blissful, peaceful, joyful, eye-opening, etc, etc all at once!!