Surviving Electrocution


I made it back to Palm Harbor this morning after an adventure on the road for 12 days or so. I wandered about South Florida.. photos and time-lapses will be uploaded soon. It was actually getting to the point where I had to pause and think back where I was some of the days. It’s pretty nice to be gone so long that you forget where you were on the trip! It will be pretty amazing when I go wander about for months at a time.. the journal will come in handy to remember where I’ve been!

I wandered about nature most of the time, though did visit some populated places. I went to Miami, Key Largo, Okeechobee, Venice, Big Cypress, Sebring, and a bunch of places in between, including stumbling upon a panther habitat! I got stuck in the sand one of the first days, almost got stuck on a tiny ‘road’ in the panther habitat, and almost got a ticket for trespassing one night when I was sleeping on the side of the road [apparently ‘technically’ part of a park]. I met a couple friends, and made a couple friends. Funny about the couple friends I made in Key Largo.. I was actually thinking the day before [or so] that perhaps I’d meet someone who’d let me park in front of their house or use their shower, and it manifested! I happened to see a sign for this park when on my way to another park on the island and drove in that direction. I didn’t stop there and went to another spot further up the road though it was getting hot so decided to go back to the park where I met Samuel [and later, his son]. Though I had to hear a lot of their indoctrinated Christian beliefs, it did open my eyes to realize that perhaps a lot of what they were saying really wasn’t too far from my understanding if I just switch/substitute words around. Language can really become such a barrier, especially when writing or speaking from the mind [as I seem to be now in recollecting this and trying to remember what I really wanted to write tonight. It’s funny how it all occurs in the moment. I felt some ideas in the shower and now they’re gone.. must I always attempt to preserve the feelings? Oh, and another layer – I didn’t even feel like showering as I was feeling pretty tired beforehand. Or more so just dirty/wet from washing my truck/camper earlier and putting up Christmas lights. Which brings me to the next paragraph.]

Sometimes it’s just not your time to go. Everything works out exactly as it should. Tonight after putting up some lights in front of the house, I had the idea of putting up the extra lights in the pool as we had never done that before. No, I didn’t fall in the pool with lights [though the extension cord dipped in and nothing happened]. I was looking for the extra end of one of the strands to put the end cap on. This particular set had only half it’s lights on and I was moving the lights around a little to see where the end plug was hanging. I didn’t think too much about why half the lights were out [I suppose figuring a bulb was missing or something was wrong with them or whatnot]. I happened to touch near one of the dead bulbs right where the wire cut. I felt an electric shock and a reaction of my hand pulling away from the bulb. [No, not quite severe electrocution though it did sting for a little while.] A few moments after I realized/experienced what had happened, I felt a bit of something that was either the electricity running through my body, or a shock I felt of the shock that I just touched a live 120V A/C wire and was perfectly fine, or a divine presence/grace, or some combination of these. [Again, language and words don’t always work well – and especially when trying to describe feelings, and feelings that are now in the past when I’m in the present].

It’s all quite funny actually, as when the extension cord [plugged in] dipped into the pool water, I think I was thinking something about saying something about it jokingly like it’s not my time to go apparently. And that’s one of the things I did [calmly] say. [calmly with the tiniest bit of excitement perhaps as I knew I was perfectly fine] Did I create the situation [without even trying]? Just like the one I mentioned in Key Largo? Or did I sense it was going to happen? Where does one line begin and the other end? Or is there no line of difference between the two?

The world is a funny place. Knowing that this really isn’t real, I had continued on working with the lights after realizing what had [sorta] happened. I think it was after I had unplugged them and grabbed another set to put in their place, that I thought I should make sure I’m still physically here as perhaps I’m just observing this all. I suppose I was still in a bit of shock as nothing had really occurred. I’d been shocked electrically by small DC devices [like capacitors in disposable cameras] in the past with no effect but this would have been far stronger one would think.

I know by now, one would think I really wouldn’t be that surprised about experiencing something differently than others, though I still wonder about this reality we call physical existence in the human form. [yes perhaps that’s why the lack of enthusiasm in writing this.. it’s really not all that exciting as the whole thing was a very brief experience that didn’t last more than a couple minutes. the shock and realization and feeling was less than a minute, though it was the mind that tried to prolong it, in order to understand it, it kept going back to it. just like it’s doing right now (or “write now” as it writes!) is that all we really do, become curious through the mind? or more so allow the mind to become curious? or become curious about the mind’s curiosity and dwell in it? just like i was dwelling in the feeling of not wanting to shower earlier. it’s really as simple as deciding and making it so. we can decide to change in any moment.]

feeling the point has been long lost, i shall end this attempt to ramble. apparently it’s not time to go yet. still more to explore here. the world awaits. live your dreams. become the person you desire to be. it’s all up to you. your choices are unlimited.