wow, life is truly amazing when you understand it. all these things i was doing in the past now make sense. without realizing it. I had been on a spiritual quest through my photos – or photographically so to speak

travel, freedom, ideas, exploration thereof, all make me feel alive as I observe and truly experience the world around me – truly experience, unhindered, uninhibited, no constraints in anything – as in my photos, going crazy, all over the place – how much more uninhibited could you be? even in matte finish – the image is without a barrier in front of it (as lily told me earlier, the word barrier that is, when I saw her images of Costa Rica on the wall of her studio. that’s why art is so important, to see or demonstrate these concepts through a medium – what a ‘medium’ is – a connection between dimensions – dimensions of the idea/spiritual realm and of the material/physical world. the only truly important thing is life – living it freely, freely to understand and experience from a higher awareness. as you must experience in order to truly understand and you can’t understand that concept until you do. just like the tao you can speak of is not the tao! wow! i now know why i was attracted to all the things that I was. it all makes sense and falls into place perfectly. and you can’t understand that fully until you do. in the end, everything is always in perfect order. god is always brining you in the right direction, even if it seems that you’re taking a long way, out of way, to get there. enlightenment is amazing – everything all of a sudden makes sense – your level of awareness increases instantly – a sudden knowing is upon you. yes, everything is all alright, perfect, in divine order. all that matters is love! experiencing (and sharing) love! love is god. love is energy, enlightenment, and all good and great things! once you know, you can continue knowing, as you progress and elevate to all knowing – which at that point, you must temporarily forget again, in order to then once again experience remembering! god, it all makes sense now! and this is only the beginning of the journey!

remember to always continue the spiritual quest and be creative, and share these ideas and perspectives – because others understanding is me understanding. always do these things you enjoy – its very important to feel good, relaxed, and enjoy life much much better. relaxation and higher understanding is the way! and my purpose is unique – communicate these ideas as I experience + understand them photographically and through words (be them spoken or written, or both). help inspire others as when I am inspired, I truly live, and I’ll be helping others experience that inspired state/moment and experience the same, as we all are the same … learning/remembering how to live and experience life … we’re all at various stages in our lives. and the ridiculous ideas are great – they serve as a bit of a reminder of how ridiculous some of these concepts might be to someone who has totally forgotten. I suppose its a bit of a joke or mockery? not really, but more of just a statement, utilizing humor to illustrate it, as those who get the humor understand and perceive in a way others who don’t get it or think it’s stupid – a demonstration of perception is all it has been this whole time, huh?

wow, side note – just think of the lyrics “it’s times like these we learn how to live again” such a higher place that’s coming from – that is what we’re doing + experiencing – and sharing this experience with our mediums of art, music, etc…

wow, this is why I can’t do “work” in a typical sense – it’s so unfulfilling – that’s what that means! never really knew exactly what others were ‘saying’ (telling each other about life + experience) until I did! it’s okay to be me… yes, a little crazy, but it’s fun, and I should live for fun, shouldn’t I? of course! one thing to remember is to do anything, anything, it takes to know and experience god! no matter if others think you’re crazy! god doesn’t judge! only the egos of others who have forgotten god!

wow, is that why others make drugs illegal (at least soft ones), because they are jealous of what those who use them as a gateway to a higher level of awareness feel with them? what hs this world come to? I’m so glad the global shift in consciousness approaches! what a relief to know the other parts f me will experience enlightenment, and to know I’m part of the cause too! the best cause to help others experience understanding and knowing god!

it’s in everyone to be able to know god, to be able to remember what it was like in energyland. with god, everything is perfect. everything is _________
that’s why I am an observer and introverted – because I know you must go within to experience god, to another dimension not in the physical world. though it is great to see the beauty in the world – the natural beauty that connects one back to the divine source that one truly is. it’s a reminder. the beautiful natural light is a reminder and exhibition of something greater than one’s self, or mankind (and the ego of man)!

what man can do can only destroy what god can do – look at the world – when egos run it, it creates things that affect the environment that god made

ego really is edging god out!

thank you god for this knowing, understanding, awareness, and experience!

I’ve found and know my purpose! Wayne Dyer is right – when you you feel you truly feel alive, you are on purpose! –> feeling and emotion are ultimate communication!

release and purging of anything not in alignment with what you seek is a must! the energies associated must go elsewhere! what you put in your body or mind will affect the experience – perhaps grater than you can know!
be healthy, relaxed, happy!

don’t get caught up in the tools or gear, the manmade! yes, research what will help demonstrate the message, but do so quickly, as the feeling/emotion/idea is far greater than the tools or mediums themselves! even in people! the message is beyond the messenger!
now I understand what Joe must have meant when he said “it was greater than himself” or something ‘beyond him’ – can’t remember the exact words now – but it’s the message, not the medium! that’s how people teach others through their own perspectives!
wow, I wonder if this learning, these revelations have anything to do with energies I knew for so long being physically more distant than I (in Rome today!)
I can’t blame them though, for it is only internal that matters as I create my own reality…

yes, I forgive them for being the mediums of forgetting these things I now am knowing, but I chose the experience as it was all in divine order to take me down this path.

remembering how it is to “be”

perhaps why I feel so cold in winter is because I feel everything around me and sense all that cold air in relationship to myself. and when I’m not relaxed, I feel small and weak, and sense what’s around me, rather than my true, inner self.

–> always stay relaxed, and feel the higher level of awareness.

part of why I like the best tools is because it’s more relaxing to know you’re using the best way to illustrate the message, or have the less delay or wait distancing you from the higher message. I suppose I am easily distracted and daydream. I shouldn’t fight it if its part of my purpose.

what others + society thinks bout it doesn’t matter and can’t matter – if it did, that would be “crazy” to me – as I couldn’t truly be me. so I shall relax and not worry what others think, as everyone is here to experience something different. that’s what makes each of us uniquely experiencing + perceiving the world.

so I can’t possibly please everyone, though can more easily get along with those who get it.

god is in 3’s

this has been a great revelation and I am thankful for it! relaxed and inspiring.

the ethereal, ephemeral, natural, and ‘my’ connection to the world in experience, experience of remembering who I truly am after choosing to forget, only so that I may remember – the cycle of life.

stay aligned with the things you like: candles, romance/love – experiencing this with a girl!
communicating ideas with others!

I realize I am only beginning this quest (or so it feels), though have taken a great leap forth in remembering the quest is what I sought! and my purpose!

I know the quest is the most important part of life! and expressing myself and realizing this quest makes me feel alive! and what the outside world thinks doesn’t, and cannot matter – all things will take care of themselves with god.

surrender the ego to god and life becomes so much easier, more fulfilled, more meaningful!

do I really feel judgement by others, or is it merely the ego wanting attention?

wow, why I don’t always feel the absolute need to create images when I’m relaxed is because I’m already there, and the images are about the quest for understanding/relaxation. and the battle it can take to get there (if you allow yourself to experience such a battle). –> hence the craziness in styles, techniques, etc.

wow, all answers are truly from within. you must not search the external world for answers, though I suppose they could give you clues, as to which direction to go, but the true answers “knowing” is within, a state of feeling/being.

the more you “understand”, the easier it becomes to “understand” and the greater the “understandings” become –> hence the increasing levels of vibrational energy

the ego is fear
god is love!

–> ego/analysis is destructive, taking things apart/disecting to look at

god is constructive, “pure” awareness and knowing

–> hence my search for purity, perfection!
–> and desire to portray perfectly!
–> as its a perfect message!

god, where have you been?

please don’t let the ego allow the escape from thee!

everything makes sense when you realize its all a spiritual quest, an act of remembering! and knowing!
perceiving greater!
from an elevated state!

this message is much more fluid than the other day as it came from a place closer to god. the other day, the ego was in the way, wanting to become more important than the message, and it was very rushed!
(am I blaming myself here?)
(is the ego even a part of myself?)

always remember you are the deliverer of the message, and the message is what truly matters!
it is much more significant than the messenger!

when you do so, you are living from a much higher place! this must be god-realization, living a god-realized life, and how miracles can occur in an instant! with god, all things are possible!

I love god! I only write god rather than God because of the way it looks? Don’t let the ego get in the way if that is any bit a part of why!

why different vantage points and perceptions? because everyone is here to experience from a different perspective – hence there is no good or bad, nor right or wrong, and nothing is to be judged, nor deserves judgment! so long as you don’t hurt anyone else!

so why this message, and the spreading of the message? because when you “know” it makes elevates the knowing better and easier when you know a bit before you actually “know”
perhaps this is the same thing I’ve been trying to say all along – the more you understand, the more you can understand! it’s unlimited, as god knows no limits!

think of the term “breakthrough” and what it signifies! you can’t quite know what it’s like, or even what it could be like, until you actually do (know/experience)
yes this writing/message can help others open their eyes to it but they must experience it internally for themselves! (to truly know it)

wow, is that what an artist statement is for? it’s for those who don’t understand the work! so it should be simple! just like a mission statement!

it’s great to understand why you’ve done things that you didn’t quite know why, but somehow know you had to do them – this is part intuition, isn’t it?

is everything we do a communication of some sort?

part of why I like many lights, and warmer tones, is they signify more perspectives, and a natural tone, like the element of fire!
–> desiring to understand from more/greater perspective

perhaps my quest from morning to afternoon of my life, from ambition to meaning is when/as I begin to understand enough that I can focus entirely/mostly on sharing the understanding with others — though the ambition may remain slightly to keep understanding more, or perhaps I’ll reach a point of knowing enough? though there is always growth! ____?

the journals/writings are a record of growth and should not be judged as not being perfect

sometimes you must question everything you know, or think you know, in order to grow
–> and understand yourself + your perceptions of those things fully
–> and be willing to surrender and let go/release everything that you think you need or defines you — as you, the true you, is far greater than anything worldly

thank you God for delivering this message to/through me!

you must go deep within, and you won’t understand why until you do — and it’s not going into the mind/ego either.
–> it’s going to a much higher source.

remember, it’s not always about taking the most direct route to get their either.

the answers always surround you — do you know how to see/hear them?

there’s always a way.