what if the sky turned red
what if

do you know what it feels like
how can you deny me this

betray me… abandon me
leave me to perish amongst the nonbelievers

what if one day you woke up in a world that you were dead in
what if your life was but a hoax
what if you never existed
what if it was all a dream
what if every living day of reality in fact was a nightmare
what if it all came down one day
what if the whole world were to fall apart
what if you werent able to stop it
what the fuck if

what if you were left to suffer amongst those nonworthy
what if all your live you were deamed unworthy
what if it all came down one day
what would you do
what would happen to your world
what if you were to fall apart to pieces
what if there were no hope
what if one day you were to awaken into the nightmarish reality that there would never be hope or a chance for you
what if every single moment of your existence were flawed
what if in the end there was no way out

what if you lost everything you once strived for
what if one day the trip was over
what if you found yourself in a field of death loss and suffering
what if one day you took the plunge
what if the fall were so painful you didnt know how to begin to suffer
what if you were denied everything you once held and everything you ever dreamed of
what if one day you awoke and realized all your life you had been denied hope for you were insane
what if this demented deranged state led you to unbelief unknowledge and unsensiblity

what if you lost every thought you had in the passing of a moment
what if the moment you held would burn forevermore
what if one day you broke free of your cage
what if you let it all out one day
when would that day come
when would the grand moment take you away
when could you leave this fake existence
you have denied yourself your own true identity your whole life
when will the day come to set yourself free
let it all break out into the open like a disease
hell’s gates swung open wide in a mere instant
the moment lasting without end
the end of denial
the end of nonsuffering
emotions gone thoughts awry feelings faked

the day shall come when the grand vista will be stained with the thoughts of those behind the burning gates opened in a moment for no temporary instance of time until the breakthrough is cherished by all those denied themselves for eternity the rage shall never cease only suffering will persist until death is imminent and the denied state is overcome nevermore the void has been entered but exited the nothing without sense of nonexistence shall those rise and explode fear annihilation is only a method sanity left near zero burning sensation insatiable thought forgotten soul abandoned dream denied hope chance partaken lost smashed forever the once sacred script erased no path left destination denied journey wishes dreams stained scarred written tense ripped forseen moment ended vision altered pulse destroyed mind empty

.75 1.75 .5 .10[38 99] damaged destiny